Friday, May 27, 2022

Highlighting: “ScaVentures Jerusalem,” by Tali Kaplinski Tarlow, Publisher: Israel ScaVenture, 2018, Hardcover, 204 pages, ISBN: 978-965-572-536-0, 150 NIS.

Families who plan to travel to Israel over the course of this summer must definitely join the 27,000 plus people in getting their hands on a copy of Tali Kaplinski Tarlow’s innovative and interactive book, “ScaVentures Jerusalem: The Experiential Guidebook.” This book replaces the need for, and expense of, hiring a tour guide, as families are given the opportunity to discover the hidden gems of Israel’s history by means of an interactive scavenger hunt. Appropriate and stimulating for all ages and groups of all sizes, “Scaventures Jerusalem” is much more than merely a guidebook. The book contains over 100 missions of content that allow users to play different roles, including navigator, detective, “mission manager” and more as participants delve into Jerusalem’s rich history by following the directions and the paths dictated in this book. Available in Hebrew, English, Spanish and French, the book includes several hour-long tours of five distinct areas in Jerusalem, each tour offering something different from the previous one. Participants will be completely enthralled as they hear stories in the Old City’s Jewish quarter, search for clues at the shuk in Machane Yehuda, complete quizzes and are encouraged to think critically as they make their way through the varying puzzle-style tours throughout Jerusalem. The adventures contained in this book continue into multiple areas of Israel as a whole, stretching from Tel Aviv to Tzfat. The book has received tremendous support and acclaim, as users have been thrilled and satisfied with their experiences, guaranteeing that members of the tour are learning new information even if they have been to the area previously. Tarlow’s book is truly an enjoyable and educational experience for the entire family to appreciate together.

By Maxwell Milstein

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