Monday, August 03, 2020

(Courtesy of Zimlo Academy) Zimlo Academy is a homeschool hybrid for Jewish girls ages 6-10.

The program launched this school year, with four students, and hopes to expand by four more in the coming year.

Classes are held in Paramus, at the homes of founding parents Ilana Pomerantz and Natalie Jonas. School meets Monday through Thursday from 9-3, and classes are taught by hired teachers. The girls begin each day with two hours of Judaic studies, and their afternoons alternate between math and literacy, with yoga, art, games and recess woven throughout the day.

At Zimlo Academy the highest priority is to inspire kind, resilient, lifelong learners. To that end, they have created a program that caters to, and cares deeply for, the whole child. From high-quality, engaging academics, to meaningful social interactions and time outdoors, the program flows smoothly with the needs of their children.

Their beloved literacy teacher Angelique Kenney shared that “building confidence, igniting creativity, and developing strong intrinsic motivation to learn and grow are integrally woven into our learning… Our approach is to meet each child where they are, then nurture and mentor a strong growth mindset so that they can see their own growth and begin to own their learning.”

At Zimlo Academy they believe that childhood is finite and magical. They believe that empathy and kindness are the building blocks for a kinder and better future. They believe that relationship-based learning is the deepest, most fruitful kind, and they believe that time spent outdoors fosters a love of nature, improves cognition, and bolsters resilience against stress.

With these thoughts in mind they set out to create a program that lives by its values, and meets their children where they are at. They invite the community to a parlor meeting, to be held on Thursday, Feb. 6, at 8 p.m.. For the location, please email/RSVP to [email protected].