Saturday, August 15, 2020

(Courtesy of Teaneck Shuls) Here are some free fun learning options for all ages, from toddlers to AP students to adults. Some are always free and some are only free during this current situation. This list is continued from last week and will continue next week.

● Teaches students how to write a paragraph through interactive online tutorial http://www.paragraphpunch.com/

● PreK-12 digital media service with more than 30,000 learning materials https://www.pbslearningmedia.org/

● Curricular content hub specifically designed for K-3 students.



● Science and math labs and simulations https://phet.colorado.edu/

● An online physics problem and video bank designed for conceptual, standard, honors or AP1 physics. https://www.positivephysics.org/home

● Prodigies is a colorful music curriculum for kids 1-12 that will teach your kids how to play their first instrument, how to sing in tune & how to understand the language of music! 21 for free https://prodigiesmusic.com/

● Free videos from around the world from grade 3-12


● QuaverMusic is offering free access to general music activities to all impacted schools, including free student access at-home https://www.quavermusic.com/info/at-home-resources/

● For students to practice and master whatever they are learning. https://quizlet.com/

● ReadWorks is an online resource of reading passages and lesson plans for students of all levels K-12. https://www.readworks.org/

● Critical Thinking resources for K-6 students https://marketplace.mythinkscape.com/store/redtkids

● Music Based Spanish Learning https://rockalingua.com/

● Science simulations, scientist profiles, and other digital resources for middle school science and high school biology


● The Shurley English program for grades K-8 provides a clear, logical, and concrete approach to language arts. https://www.shurley.com/

● Sight reading and sight singing practice exercises. https://www.sightreadingfactory.com/

● Music practice transformed https://www.smartmusic.com/

● Spellingcity is free right now with code VSCFree90


● Kid-friendly workouts — choose from Strength for Kids, Agility for Kids, Flexibility and Balance for Kids, Warm-Up for Kids, Cooldown for Kids, Stand Up and Move for Kids, OR create your own custom kid workout. https://app.sworkit.com/collections/kids-workouts

● A collection of hundreds of free K-12 STEM resources, from standalone models and simulations to short activities and week long sequences of curriculum materials. https://learn.concord.org/

● Course sets (Levels 1–5) that combine and thoroughly cover phonics, reading, writing, spelling, literature, grammar, punctuation, art, and geography—all in one easy-to-use, beautiful course. https://www.goodandbeautiful.com/

● At home OT, PT, and ST resources designed to build skills in children through movement and play. https://www.theottoolbox.com/

● Science projects that can be completed with or without Internet access https://sciencespot.net/Pages/classhome.html

● Keyboarding practice https://www.typingclub.com/ or https://www.typing.com/

● Next Generation Science video game focused on middle school where students directly engage in science phenomena as they solve problems. https://www.tytoonline.com/

● Short videos and readings that answer various burning questions for students. There are vocabulary challenges and comprehension questions. http://wonderopolis.org/

● Math practice https://xtramath.org/#/home/index

● K-5 curriculum that builds deep understanding and a love of learning math for all students https://www.zearn.org/

● A quick start resource to help families pull together a plan for surviving the next 1-2 months at home with their kids, but it can also be a time of slowing down and enjoying kids as they learn.

● Preschool through 8th grade https://abetterwaytohomeschool.com/learning-at-home-everything-you-need-in-one-place.html?fbclid=IwAR0Lo2FZ5cWLMt-6nto19auqTtI5kztqLqwi3japOPl1rcR_rLaNuCUcaYw

● 450 Ivy League courses that you can take https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/ivy-league-free-online-courses-a0d7ae675869/?fbclid=IwAR0tbYeSJTzmrzgs1z1Brpoh-Lg8zoqnThQAUTFqR-bBX9O6AEh2_lnLhTs

● Spelling 1-4 grade


● 2,500+ online courses from top institutions https://www.edx.org/

● 22 languages to learn https://www.memrise.com/

● Learn to code https://www.codecademy.com/

● Miscellaneous games for all subjects k-8 https://www.funbrain.com/

● Phonics and learning to read https://readingeggs.com/

● PreK - 5 games for all subjects https://www.turtlediary.com/

● Online digital coloring pages https://www.thecolor.com/

● Every course you could possibly want to homeschool preschool - 8 https://allinonehomeschool.com/

● Every course you could possibly want to homeschool for high school https://allinonehighschool.com/