Sunday, May 24, 2020

https://thejewishplatform.com/category/stories/  - free stories and videos

http://kb.artscroll.com/article/AA-20714   - free 30-day access to entire Artscroll digital library

http://kb.artscroll.com/article/AA-20706/132/  - download one free Artscroll Shas

http://www.shteig.com/  - for pre1A and first graders

http://www.yiddishpop.com/  - learn Yiddish online

https://tablet.otzar.org/he/pages/ , https://tablet.otzar.org/en/pages/ - free Jewish sefarim 

https://www.hebrewbooks.org/ - free Jewish sefarim 

http://hashem.com/  - videos about the complexity of the universe

https://torahgames.org/  - free games for kids

https://torahlive.com/schools/  - use code Torah for free videos, games and more

https://www.responsa.co.il/home.en -US.aspx  - free online source for Jewish literature

http://www.torahtots.com/holidays/pesach/pesach.htm  - for kids to learn about Pesach

https://www.jewishbedtimestories.com/  - online stories for kids

https://www.torahanytime.com/#/speaker?l=701  - online stories

https://www.youtube.com/user/ChitrikAcademy/videos  - YouTube videos for Mishnayot, Gemara and more


- free games for Android

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