Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Youth national finalists from many New Jersey schools competed in Sunday’s USA Chidon HaTanach. The all-day digital event included qualifying exams, digital tours, a panoply, several fun yet head-scratching collaborative Kahoot quizzes (with prizes!), and a tribute to the Chidon’s new namesake, Rabbi Dr. Shimshon Isseroff, father of Teaneck’s own Nechama Polak. Approximately 800 people logged on for the event’s closing ceremonies.

There were more than 200 national finalists who passed the qualifying exam from over 500 initial competitors. We received pictures of several of the exultant New Jersey-based competitors, all of whom logged in from home. (This listing of competitors is in formation and informal. At press time, finalist rankings were not yet announced and we apologize in advance if the listing is incomplete. If the student’s school is listed as independent or is outside Northern New Jersey, it may not be included here.) We also congratulate the many Chidon competitors and winners from Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta and North Carolina, as well as many other communities.


Frisch student Beni Romm, grade 11, placed in the top four (pictured with his brother Ilan, also a national finalist from Westchester Day School, and the third-place finisher in the sixth-seventh- grade division). Yoni Rosenberg was also a national finalist from The Frisch School.

Elana Rosenblatt from Bruriah was also a high school top-four finisher, as was Adielle Rosenblum from Manhattan High School.

Ben Porat Yosef wished a hearty Kol Hakavod to its national finalists Reiut Cohen (Grade 8), Ayelet Poupko (Grade 7) and Millie Schwartz (Grade 7). 

Kushner congratulated its three high-achieving finalists including a middle-school winner and high-school top-four finisher. Sophia Steiner, grade 6; Sam Colchamiro, grade 8 (top-four finisher in the middle-school division); and Elimelech Novick, grade 11 (top-four finisher).

Mazel tov to Naaleh High School student and national finalist Chana Aspir, a ninth grader.

Shimon Ross was a national finalist from Torah Academy of Bergen County.

Avi Friedman and Ephraim Fisher competed from Yavneh Academy.

Yosef Moshe Bannett competed from Yeshivat He’Atid.

Yeshivat Noam sent five proud competitors to the national finals: Micah Cyrulnik, Ben Fisher, Ariella Goldgewert, Sarah Schafer and Shifra Prager.

RYNJ national finalists were Gavi Pinsky (7th place in 6th-7th grade division), Chaim Ginzburg, Dov Rosman, Nava Price (12th place in 6th-7th grade division), Emunah Aspir (13th place in 8th grade division), Sarah Benoff, Ora Temima Stavsky and Sarah Kahan. Mazel tov!

National finalist Ayelet Ostrin, from Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva (RPRY), taking her final exam of Chidon HaTanach (pictured above right, taking her online exam).

Anyone interested in participating in next year’s Dr. Shimshon Isseroff Chidon HaTanach, please contact the Jewish Agency’s youth Chidon coordinator, Dovi Nadel, at [email protected] Numbers keep growing each year.

By Elizabeth Kratz