Sunday, August 09, 2020

Proper shoe wear is very important to help support your child’s feet. Your child’s feet support his/her body weight and if he/she is not wearing appropriate fitting shoes, it will affect how they stand, walk, run, jump, etc…

Some tips:

There should be at least ½ inch of room between the big toe and the toe box. An easy trick to measuring 1/2 inch is to use your thumbnail to measure the space from the big toe to the front of the shoe.

Children’s feet grow fast so check shoe fit every three months.

Sandals are appropriate summer wear but not for engaging in activity. Closed toe sandals offer more protection for the toes.

Three tests can be done to check the stability of shoes:

Flex Test: By pushing down on the shoe, the breakpoint should be firm but not provide significant resistance. The breakpoint of the shoe is under the toe knuckles.


Torsion Test: By twisting the shoe in opposite directions. This will check the stability of the soling. If the shoe twists over on itself it has inadequate support.

Counter Test: By grasping the heel of the shoe, apply pressure to the heel counter with your finger. If the counter collapses with little/no resistance, the shoe is not supporting the heel.

Sometimes a rigid sole might be recommended and other times a more flexible sole. Sometimes a low top shoe is prefered, and sometimes a high top shoe. For example, if your child tends to walk on his/her toes, a more rigid sole and higher top shoe might be preferred. If your child has flat feet, a shoe with a flexible sole and supportive arch might be recommended. It is best to consult with your physical therapist or podiatrist as they are experts in the study of foot posturing and gait analysis.

The Therapy Gym offers shoe fittings by a physical therapist to determine if the shoes are the right fit. Clients can bring up to three pairs and pay just $20 to have a highly skilled therapist make sure your child’s feet are protected. If you would like more information, call (201) 357-0417.

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