Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Imagine getting an afikomen gift before Pesach has even started. This year, Evie and Hannah Lipschitz, 10- and 8-year-old sisters from Englewood, gave a present to their entire neighborhood by creating Pesach-themed chalk obstacle courses on their street. The chalk courses were a source of fun for the girls themselves, as well as for anyone who passed by.

Last year, the Lipschitz family’s au pair discovered sidewalk chalk obstacle courses on social media and started making some of her own on their street. Their street is a pass-through, so many people walk down it, especially at that time since it was toward the beginning of the pandemic and people were looking for ways to get out of the house. The au pair was a talented artist and people walking by really enjoyed her chalk obstacle courses.

When the weather started warming up again this year, Evie and Hannah were back outside playing with chalk. Both girls are very creative; Evie participates in the dance program at the Kaplen JCC, and Hannah is a part of the drama program. In fact, Evie won last month’s Jewish Link Monthly Kids Art Contest with her decorated matzah cover. The two decided to make their own Pesach-themed chalk obstacle course on their street. With a little help from their dad, Evie and Hannah came up with the directions for a makkot-themed course for the first days, ending with “to be continued,” and a Kriat Yam Suf and general Pesach-themed course for the second days, which ended in a successful arrival at the desert.

The girls drew both chalk obstacle courses themselves, and they were a source of fun for the entire community, with some people even saying that they made their Yom Tov. Evie and Hannah hope to make another one for Shavuot, so be on the lookout.

By Shira Kosowsky