Wednesday, May 12, 2021

(Courtesy of CAM) The Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) has launched a global social media campaign to protest the recent unfathomable legal decision by France’s Court of Cassation, ensuring that the perpetrator of Sarah Halimi’s brutal antisemitic murder will never face justice.

The virtual campaign is designed to demonstrate solidarity with Sarah Halimi’s family and France’s Jewish community.

In 2017, 65-year-old Halimi was brutally assaulted and stabbed to death in her Paris apartment before her body was thrown from a window. The perpetrator appeared to target Halimi because she was Jewish. Earlier this month, France’s Court of Cassation incomprehensibly ruled that the murderer cannot stand trial, because he was too high on marijuana at the time. The ruling effectively ensures that a brutal antisemitic murder will go unpunished and that Sarah Halimi’s family will never see justice for her death.

Utilizing its global coalition of hundreds of thousands of grassroots interfaith activists, CAM is asking people across the world to join its virtual campaign to show solidarity with Halimi’s family and the Jewish community of France, in the firm belief that antisemitism must never be excused and that hate crimes must not be allowed to go unpunished.

CAM has produced specially crafted images of Sarah Halimi, designed for sharing on social media, carrying the tagline in French, English and other languages, “Sarah Halimi—Murdered for being Jewish—Paris 2017.” People are encouraged to use the hashtags #JusticeForSarah and #JeSuisSarah and to share the following message on social media platforms.

“Today, I stand in solidarity with the Jewish community of France and demand JUSTICE for Sarah Halimi and her bereaved family! There is no excuse for antisemitism, and hate crimes must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. #JusticeForSarah #JeSuisSarah.”

Sacha Roytman-Dratwa, the Combat Antisemitism Movement director, said, “The recent legal ruling in France sets a dangerous precedent that murderous antisemitism can go unpunished. It is a shocking blow not only to the family of Sarah Halimi and to French Jews, but to anyone who cares deeply about combating racism, antisemitism and intolerance. It must not go unchallenged. Therefore, we call upon all people of conscience around the world to join our social media campaign. By bringing our voices together and speaking in one unified voice, we can make a powerful statement to the world that antisemitism will not be excused or tolerated.”