Friday, September 17, 2021

(Courtesy of WTA) This summer will be an exciting one for the WTA family. For the first time ever, WTA will not only be acquiring its own campus but will also move into its brand-new building. The school is thrilled to have reached this very special moment, a true milestone in its eight-year history!

The new WTA building is unique in that it is designed to support WTA’s educational model, values and innovative approach to learning. Large classrooms provide the physical space to support the rotational educational model, allowing for flexible, small-group learning and easy transitioning. The middle school learning methodology is not only based on small groups, but also on a large beit midrash-style Judaic studies program. Therefore, middle school classrooms have movable walls; just as they create personal learning time and allow for small-group education, the movable walls easily change the learning space to accommodate a beit midrash style.

At WTA, not only are the students always learning, but so are the faculty! The new WTA building will not feature a traditional teacher’s lounge, but a staff collaboration room. It will be an area for faculty to engage and learn from one another and advance their own education.

When you first enter the new WTA building you will find yourself in a large gathering area. The building is designed with this specific space because at WTA the students begin their day with tekes, which is a large-group student assembly, embodying the WTA value of family.

The WTA core value of anavah (modesty) permeates the entire campus. Everything you see has been designed with a simple, modern elegance to support student learning and create the right environment for students to succeed.

It has been five years since WTA was first gifted a beautiful eight-acre campus in New Rochelle, and the school has since fundraised over $2.5 million. They are now at the finish line!

WTA has been fortunate to forge a relationship with a foundation that has been closely watching and learning about the school’s growth. The foundation has increased their investment in WTA in recent years and is now taking an active part in helping WTA finish construction of their building by awarding a $300,000 matching grant to complete the new campus. The matching grant will help to enhance the final fundraising push for the building project. If you are interested in learning more about the new campus and naming opportunities, please visit https://www.westchesterta.org/buildingplans.

Another WTA achievement this year is graduating their first eighth grade class! Each student in this “pioneer” group was accepted to the high school of their choice. Although the eighth graders will graduate before WTA moves into the new building, their collaborative effort on their senior project—a sustainable garden—will leave their legacy on the new property.

Most important to this foundation is parental and community involvement and a solid commitment to WTA. WTA wants to take this opportunity to thank everyone for believing in and supporting WTA in their ongoing growth and success. WTA is looking forward to seeing you in their new building this fall!

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