Thursday, December 02, 2021

For approximately 20 years, American CPR & Safety Inc., the parent company of Monsey Swim School, has been an industry leader in water safety and aquatics instruction—its instructors have taught over 100,000 people during that time. Now, Eli Fonfeder and Monsey Swim School are proud to bring their years of expertise and passion to Bergen County. Teaneck Swim Academy (TSA) is located at 70 Sterling Place in the Teaneck Jewish Center/Heichal HaTorah building.

By taking lifesaving courses one can become aware of what to do in emergencies and feel empowered to take action, whether for one’s own family or for a bystander. Learning to care for someone, utilizing CPR, rescue breathing or any other lifesaving measures, is crucial to emergency preparedness. TSA now offers courses in lifeguarding, CPR, first aid and swim lessons.

Drowning is one of the leading causes of fatalities in children. Teaching someone to swim is one of the most crucial skills to prevent them from getting hurt. The purpose of the Teaneck Swim Academy programs is not only to make swimming instruction fun in a joyful way, but to build the skills that kids and adults desperately need. TSA has an unwavering commitment to bring these lifesaving courses to Bergen County.

Parents should know that swimming comes first, as it can really be the difference between life and death. In addition, swim lessons can prevent traumatic experiences that often occur to children unfamiliar with water environments. Not only is learning to swim important for safety, it can also be an extremely healthy activity that can accelerate motor skills and sensory development.

Monsey Swim School brings to Teaneck an elite roster of highly trained swimming instructors who are ready to provide aquatics instruction to swimmers of all needs, ages and skill levels, from as young as 6 months old to adults. These instructors are specifically trained to work with kids to increase their certainty in the water and nurture their love of swimming. Swimmers can enjoy private, semi-private and group lessons in a separate swim setting.

Teaneck Swim Academy offers programs with highly trained instructors knowledgeable in the latest swim techniques. Several of the instructors have advanced degrees and specialized training suited for people with different needs. TSA does its absolute best to ensure quality matches between their students and instructors.

While adhering to the highest safety standards, new students will learn the various techniques needed for proper breathing, correct posture, floating, kicking and treading water. Students will become comfortable in the water in a secure environment as they continue to master strokes beginning with the front crawl and then gradually progressing to the backstroke. As students become more self-assured in the pool, more advanced skills are introduced.

For advanced swimmers, there is an exciting new swim team for students, offering them a chance to compete against their peers in a warm and caring setting. TSA is also gearing up to offer water aerobics, water Zumba, water polo and many more exciting programs. Open swim hours and family rentals are also planned.

As stated in a recent parent’s Google review,: “We are so thrilled that Teaneck Swim Academy has come to Teaneck! The program director has been wonderful to work with. We have enrolled several children ranging from ages 4-13. Eli listened carefully to our assessment of each child’s skill level and recommended the appropriate instructors based on the required expertise. We have been thrilled with the instructors he has paired us with, and are so grateful that our kids have had such a positive experience thus far. Eli has ensured that the learning momentum is maintained for our children by keeping apace with consistent scheduling. The pool/facility is also very clean and well maintained. Great program!”

It is never known when an emergency will take place. There have been many unfortunate incidents where emergencies occured with no certified first responders around. As an example, Fonfeder witnessed a child struck by a car outside his elementary school when he was just 6 years old. It took over 30 minutes for help to come and as a young child, he felt helpless. No one knew what to do and none of the school staff was familiar with emergency response techniques and procedures.

Then there was the 10-year-old boy (one of Monsey Swim School’s students) whose 7-year-old sister was not a strong swimmer and had perilously plunged towards the bottom of a pool. This boy was able to pull her out thanks to the strong swimming ability he had developed during his swim lessons. Over the years there have been similar examples of situations where advanced knowledge of water and safety skills have proven invaluable. These scenarios happen every day, while babysitting or at summer camp, and it’s imperative that kids and adults have the knowledge and confidence to be prepared in any kind of emergency.

With classes offered every day besides Shabbat and Yom Tov, Teaneck Swim Academy can accommodate any schedule and work with any group or individual. TSA is looking forward to working with the greater Teaneck area and creating programs that enrich the lives of all ages. TSA is open to partnering with schools for water activities as well.

For more information email [email protected] or call 914-552-1898.

By Jewish Link Staff


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