Saturday, January 22, 2022

(Courtesy of NCYI) The National Council of Young Israel (NCYI) today released its Chanukah Torah Journal, which is the second publication in a series of Torah journals by the international synagogue organization.

The NCYI’s Chanukah Torah Journal is dedicated in memory of Rabbi Yehuda Kelemer, zt”l, the longtime spiritual leader of the Young Israel of West Hempstead (New York) who was niftar last January. The mara d’atra of the Young Israel of West Hempstead from 1983 to 2021, Rabbi Kelemer was a renowned Torah scholar, a beloved community leader and rabbi and a highly regarded posek.

The Chanukah Torah Journal is a wonderful collection of articles and divrei Torah pertaining to Chanukah that will be distributed to approximately 135 Young Israel branches in North America and Israel. Edited by Rabbi Chaim Wasserman of the Young Israel Council of Rabbis, NCYI Director of Rabbinic Services Rabbi Binyamin Hammer and Rabbanit Rookie Billet of the Young Israel of Woodmere (New York), it features thought-provoking pieces written by leading Torah scholars and distinguished community leaders, as well as moving tributes to Rabbi Kelemer, zt”l.

Included in the NCYI’s Chanukah Torah Journal are interesting and insightful divrei Torah written by Rabbi Neil Winkler, founding rabbi, Young Israel of Fort Lee (New Jersey); Rabbi Moshe Taub, Young Israel of Holliswood (New York); Rabbi Jonathan Muskat, Young Israel of Oceanside (New York); Rabbanit Rookie Billet, Young Israel of Woodmere (New York); Rabbi Hershel Billet, Young Israel of Woodmere (New York); Rabbi Shubert Spero, Rabbi Emeritus, Young Israel of Cleveland (Ohio); Rabbi Gavriel Rudin, Young Israel of Ottawa; Rabbi Barry Kornblau and Zachary Beer, Young Israel of Hollis Hills-Windsor Park (New York); Dr. Mira Morgenstern, professor of political science, City College of New York; Rabbi David Derovan, noted author, contributing editor and author Encyclopedia Judaica; Sarah Rudolph, Jewish educator and freelance writer; Dr. Noam Wasserman, dean of Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University; Rabbi Shimshon HaKohen Nadel, Young Israel of Har Nof, Israel; Yael Unterman, Jerusalem-based international author, lecturer, Bibliodrama facilitator and life coach; and Rabbi Binny Freedman, rosh yeshiva, founder and dean of Yeshivat Orayta.

The NCYI’s Chanukah Torah Journal is available online at https://youngisrael.org/ctj.

“We feel incredibly fortunate that we are able to present such a special and meaningful Chanukah gift to thousands of people in Jewish communities across the United States and Israel,” said NCYI President Rabbi David Warshaw. “With stimulating divrei Torah from an array of diverse contributors, the Young Israel’s Chanukah Torah Journal fittingly represents the broad scope of our organization and will help inspire us throughout the holiday of Chanukah and beyond.”

In a testament to the adoration and respect that Rabbi Kelemer, zt”l, enjoyed from his congregants and the greater Jewish community, the NCYI’s Chanukah Torah Journal features articles about the late rav by Rabbi Josh Goller, Young Israel of West Hempstead; Arthur Cooperberg, president, Young Israel of West Hempstead; Rabbi Menachem Brick, Young Israel of West Hempstead; Michael S. Levine, Young Israel of West Hempstead; and Reuven Brauner, Young Israel of Brookline (Massachusetts).

“Rabbi Kelemer elevated every situation, and he knew how to give comfort, listen, encourage, inspire and uplift every person with whom he came in contact,” said Rabbi Josh Goller, the mara d’atra of the Young Israel of West Hempstead.

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