Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Many a time, keeping a track of expenses becomes a problem. The old ways of keeping track of receipts and bills are problematic as it only allows an individual to look back at the expense at the end of the month while wondering where all the money went. Money tracking apps, on the other hand, provide a smart way of keeping track of the income and expenses and in addition to that also help the users to stay within the budget. Here is a list of seven such money tracking apps that are very helpful in managing personal finance. 


1. Spendee Budget and Money Tracker

It is a handy app for managing personal finances. Using this app, the users can see all their money in one place. Whether your income comes from Lottery Sambad or salary, with Spendee Budget, you can see all the income of all the accounts in one place. Further, it allows the users to categorise the expense which in turn, is helpful in understanding the expenses. With Spendee, optimizing spending habits becomes a lot easier. 


2. Spending Tracker

It is a simple money tracking app that comes with a user-friendly interface. Spending Tracking makes it easier to stay on the budget. The time period is flexible to set and it can be set on the basis of weekly, monthly and yearly time periods. The budget mode of the app helps the users to ensure the savings target. It also supports a summary view that can be used to analyze the expenses. All the expense and income categories are editable. For instance, if you have realized that you have won any lottery amount after seeing the Manipur Lottery, you can create your very own category to meet your new requirement. 


3. Money Lover: Expense Tracker 

It is unique money tracking app where everything is automated and all that the user needs to do is the track. With just a tap on Money Lover, the user can keep track of the income, expense, bill, debt and payment. It is simple to use and provides a deep analytical insight to analyze the spending habit. The budget planner supported by Money Lover not only helps to plan the budget but further, predicts the future budget too. Also, the app can be linked with bank accounts to automate the entire process of expense and income addition.


4. Expense Manager

If you are looking for tracking your daily expenses in a simple manner, then Expense Manager is the app for you. The app presents the users with summarized income, expense and balance charts to see the incoming and outgoing money. The integrated calculator of Expense Manager is extremely helpful when one needs to keep a record of multiple transactions. 


5. Mint: budget and Expense Tracker 

It is one of the most popular personal finance managing apps that is used by users to track spending, bills and budget. The personalized insights provided by the app helps the users to check where the money is going in an analytical way. In addition to that, one can also use the Mint app to keep tabs on all subscriptions. Additional services provided by Mint include the creation of custom goals and credit monitoring. 


6. Wallet: Track Expenses, Budget

The Wallet is a personal finance manager app that can be used to save money and then further plan for the future. The app further provides the users with the option of bank synchronization to automate the process. One can use the app for creating flexible budgets and getting insightful reports through easy-to-understand graphs and financial overviews. It is also a great tool for ensuring that one does not miss any due date.



Monefy is not only a finance tracker app but is also a financial organizer. The app has an easy to use interface and allows the users to add their expenses with just a tap. Later, this information can be used for seeing the spending distribution. The app also further provides a great way of taking control of recurring payments. Everything in Monefy can be tracked in multi-currencies. 

Depending upon the requirement and an interface that you can easily use, you can choose any one of these apps. Managing personal finance is extremely easy with the help of these apps. In the long run, tracking all the income and expenses will prove to be a great way of staying within the budget. 

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