Wednesday, May 25, 2022

An airbrush system is a different way to apply makeup. It evenly sprays small amounts of liquid, in a mist, create a natural, dewy look. This method allows color to blend into one’s skin, giving the appearance of a flawless complexion. The makeup artist has the flexibility to mix foundation colors to create a perfect match to the clients tone and skin pigmentation. It will not transfer onto clothing and can be removed with a simple makeup wipe.

There are several other advantages to airbrushing. If you are sharing makeup, at a wedding for example, the airbrush system is sanitary as it doesn’t come in direct contact with a client’s skin.

A dual-action airbrush system with color correction creams provides full to light coverage while concealing discolorations, acne, redness, freckles and other blemishes. These products are high quality silicone and water-based formulas with natural properties that radiate a healthy-looking glow on every skin type.

Every makeup artist will have his or her own opinion on what s/he prefers to use on clients. Ultimately, it all depends on your personal preference. If you can’t decide between the conventional application and the airbrush method, do a trial with both and see what you’re most comfortable with.

Nira, who is 50, said, “I’m a dancer and had my makeup airbrushed before an evening of dancing. The compliments before, during and after were beyond flattering. The application felt light, looked natural and lasted for hours. Can’t wait to have it done again. Thank you.”

Newly-married Jen, 22, said, “It really helped me enjoy the most important day of my life. I kept hearing about how airbrushing was flawless for photos, not having to worry about bleeding makeup, retouches and, most importantly, getting makeup on my dress. I did not want to worry about what my face looked like throughout the simcha. Miriam, thank you for making me feel beautiful inside and out!”

Recently engaged Tova, 27, told us, “I had airbrush done this past Wednesday for my upcoming wedding. LOVED IT!! It doesn’t feel like anything is on your face (I hardly ever wear makeup) and it lasts a long time!! Trial was at 9:00 a.m. and I still looked perfect at midnight. Can’t wait for the whole bridal party to have it done.”

Dena, a business woman, 31, said, “I have red areas on my face and my skin pigmentation is uneven. Last week before a fundraiser I decided to get my makeup airbrushed. Miriam was able to color correct my skin tone and give me a flawless, light coverage that looked amazing and felt great. Best makeover ever...thanks.”

Miriam D. Friedman is Certified in Cosmetic and Paramedical Airbrushing.

By Miriam D. Friedman

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