Thursday, February 02, 2023

What?!! 127 days?! Well, you had better believe it. King Achashverosh had a huge party with millions and millions of people. There was plenty of wine, and Achashverosh got drunk. He called for his beautiful queen, Vashti, to come down so he could show her off. But Achashverosh was wearing the bigdei Kehuna, the Kohanim’s clothing, so he was really a show-off who wanted to show off! But, when a very drunk king heard that his queen has refused to come, he was furious!

Meanwhile, up in Queen Vashti’s bedroom, Vashti is having quite a scare. She had pimples! Millions and billions of pimples! They were on her face, on her hands, her neck, legs and arms! Everywhere! Some say that she even had a tail! Back at the banquet, Achashvarosh got so angry that he ordered to have Queen Vashti killed! When the party was over, he held another party just for the people of Shushan. Rumors have spread that Mordechai HaYehudi has been trying to convince Jewish people not to go to this party. But even with his warnings, many Jews went anyway. This party lasted only 7 days, and when it was over, and Achashverosh was completely recovered from being drunk, he realized what he has done to Vashti. He became a very sad and lonely king. He decides to hold a beauty contest to find a new queen. I wonder what will happen next…?

Tziporah Cohen is a member of Mrs. Chana Greenberg’s 5th grade class at Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey. Mrs. Greenberg’s class created Newspaper Shushan during Purim. Congratulations to all the girls and to Tziporah for having her piece selected for JLNJ.

By Tziporah Cohen, RYNJ 5th Grader

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