Saturday, October 01, 2022

Every year families all over the world unite to enjoy the seder. While calling all members of the family together may feel like the ingathering of the exiles, it is the laughter and discussion held around the table that all will remember for years to come.

Many households are made up of a range of personalities reminiscent of the four sons we discuss during the Seder, whose placation may at times feel like a balancing act. This Passover, the Golan Heights Winery presents fun recommendations for wines to fit each type, so that the differing personalities do not create a havoc worse than the 10 plagues.

Type 1: The Firecracker—The Evil Son

This boisterous personality is not always the “evil son,” rather the family member who enjoys being the antagonist, often leaving us in fits of laughter. The rebel rouser has a tendency of taking things too far, and often can turn an evening into the unexpected. Appease this “evil” one with a glass of the sensational Yarden Rose 2009 sparkling wine. As the newest sparkling wine from the Golan Heights Winery, the delicious Yarden Rose exemplifies its fine quality through each sip. The wine’s subtle flavors make it a perfect match for delicate dishes, as well as bubbly personalities. The Yarden Rose’s attractive rose color and acidity raises spirits and offers the perfect opportunity to make a toast to the evening’s celebrations. The wine opens with a pop and will begin the Seder with an energetic fizz, fitting to placate this guest’s malevolent (albeit loveable) demeanor. Such a wine could transform the “evil” son to an angel.

Type 2: The Favorite—The Wise Son

The “wise son” may at times be too smart for his own good and it is usually a treat for the rest of the family to find those rare moments he gets surprised or stumped. While sometimes the favorite and other times the antagonist himself, the fellow siblings especially relish putting this son in his place. Test this know-it-all’s wine knowledge with the Yarden 2T, a Portuguese style dry red wine made up of two less familiar varieties, the Touriga Nacional and the Tinta Cao, exhibiting a rich, fruity, and complex body. The Yarden 2T will reward all guests both as a perfect accompaniment to the meaty dishes of the seder and with precious few moments of silence as this “wise son” tries to ascertain the appropriate varieties within.

Type 3: The Quiet One—The Simple Son

We all know this personality, who seems to repeat his contributions year to year. (Is this night really different from all other nights?) Though his observations may seem, well, obvious, we can try and add some points to this son’s IQ by giving him a wine that is anything but simple: the Galil Mountain Meron. The Meron evolves during the meal as new flavors are expressed with every sip and is the ideal engagement to begin wine discussion. This strong and well-balanced wine exhibits a silky texture and a long, velvety finish that fills the palate with its rich tastes and is the perfect companion to the seder plate’s lamb. Not only will this wine greatly aid the “simple” son’s wisdom, after a cup or two of the Meron, you may find the brilliance of all the guests gathered round the table enhanced.

Type 4: The Youngster—The One Who Does Not Know How to Ask

While this guest may usually give a “deer in the headlights” look when asked a question, the seder is ultimately about engaging all of our company, thus securing the links in our tradition. Studies have shown that the glazed-over look can be recharged with a good glass of fine, sweet wine. For “the one who does not know how to ask,” choose the Yarden Heightswine. This award-winning wine is truly a dessert wine with a difference, compelling your guests to ask “Why can’t all other wines be like this one?” The Yarden Heightswine is a delightful and rich vino comprising an aromatic mix of tropical fruit flavors layered with honeysuckle, jasmine, and a hint of spice, truly described as the “taste of Gan Eden.” Keep all your guests awake and alert by the end of the seder without engaging in the search for the afikomen but simply by filling their glasses with this delectable choice.

Next Year, in Jerusalem!

With all personalities satisfied by wine, bring a unifying close to this wonderful evening. Anticipation (and attendance) for the year to come can be ensured by providing a vino to which the whole table can raise a united glass and toast, “Next year in Jerusalem.” The Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon is an Israeli classic; a rich wine with complex flavors and a full body. Containing all the elements of a quality and elegant Cabernet, this, Israel’s favorite Cabernet Sauvignon, is the perfect choice to bring together the whole family.

By Talia Zimmerman

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