Friday, October 07, 2022

Whether this is your first time hosting a holiday event or you’ve been doing it for years, picking up a few tips on proper etiquette can’t hurt. Everyone knows that some things should be avoided, while others should definitely be included. Learning what they are could improve your hosting skills enough to make your parties even more enjoyable. In fact, one of the ways to eliminate as much stress as possible when it’s your turn to play hostess is to figure out what proper etiquette is before you begin.

Send Your Invites Out Early

People lead busy lives, so it’s important that you consider this fact and send your invitations out well in advance of the actual date of your event, particularly if you would like timely responses.

Be Gracious and Accept Invitations to Help

If one or more of your guests offer to bring along one of their favorite dishes or bottles of wine, be gracious enough to accept. People appreciate the opportunity to feel included in the preparatory stages of parties and special gatherings, so allow them the chance to do so. Knowing that someone else is bringing along a dessert or appetizer could help to do minimize the anxiety you feel as the big day approaches.

Leave Your Phone on Immediately Prior to the Event, but Turn It Off Once Your Guests Arrive

Emergencies happen to everyone, which is why you should keep your phone on in case one of your guests need to call and cancel. However, it would be rude to answer your phone once your guests arrive, so you should turn it off during the party.

Have Everything Prepared before the Party Begins

Rather than rely on guests who offer to help you set up or serve drinks, try and have everything ready before the first guest arrives. This strategy allows you to relax and enjoy yourself as people begin to show up to your event without having to worry about things that still need to get done.

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