Friday, December 09, 2022

Two days, four countries, eight ambassadors, and hundreds of athletes competed this week in The Mesorah Olympic Games.

This exciting and intense competition began on Sunday night with a dramatic opening ceremony. Torches led the way as the entire main campus marched to a big open field that was divided into four sections with flags representing the competing countries: Australia (blue), Italy (green), Morocco (red) and Sweden (yellow).

Mesorah was a sea of colors and smiles as campers pushed their physical and artistic limits to compete for the “gold.” Competitions included both individual and team-based activities, including weightlifting, obstacle courses, archery, rock-climbing and dancing. Campers learned that competition is more than just sports. In addition to the intense competitions, Mesorah athletes enjoyed a festive and fun atmosphere dressing up in their team colors and cheering on their fellow athletes. The more the campers got involved, the more fun it became.

At the closing ceremonies, the teams had the opportunity to present their countries’ mascots and flags using both creativity and skills. Each country glowed with pride after proving their strength in the various competitions throughout the day.

Congratulations to “Morocco,” that was led to victory with the guidance of its camper ambassadors and strong team work.

By P’nina Seplowitz

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