Friday, December 09, 2022

Union—The two oldest divisions (grades 7-9) at the YM-YWHA of Union are having an excellent summer so far. Camp Teen Travel & Train, under the supervision of Spencer Brooks, enjoy three days a week of travel, one full day on campus and one day volunteering at a food bank and training to become future CIT’s. The relationship with the Union County Community Food Bank in Hillside has been ongoing for 15 years. The campers come for two hours each Friday morning to pack and sort grains and kosher foods. During the week, the group enjoys travel to places such as Dorney Park, Philadelphia, Major League baseball games, museums, Wildwood amusements and beaches.

The more “religious-oriented” group, Tiyulim, under the direction of Pessia Friedman and Rabbi Noam Lichtman, offer their time for chessed at various nursing and rehabilitation facilities. Upon a recent visit to Plaza Nursing Home in Elizabeth, the campers noticed the residents’ bingo cards were wearing down and it was difficult for them to see the numbers. The children are now working on a special project to raise money so they can purchase new cards for the residents. Also traveling three days a week, Tiyulim’s Tuesday is “on campus day.”

When on campus, both groups of campers enjoy swim, sports, Jewish learning, karate, yoga, dance, art and cooking. A kosher lunch is provided by the camp, and this summer the camp offers busing from Springfield, Millburn, Short Hills, Maplewood, West Orange and Livingston. The two programs are very popular and have been limited to 25 participants. The camp has first and second sessions, the latter beginning at the end of July.

By Jani Jonas

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