Friday, December 09, 2022

With the approaching yahrzeit of the holy Arizal, the very pinnacle of segulos and yeshuos is within reach of yidden the world over: the Ketores Segulah.

Monday evening, the 5th of Av, July 21, marks the yahrzeit of the Arizal, who illuminated and transformed the world with his unique Torah greatness. In his lifetime, the Arizal revealed the power of the Ketores Segulah, stating: “If a minyan of pious Jews will gather after midnight and they will recite the special Ketores Segulah together with concentration, it will definitely make a deep impression and whatever they ask for will be accomplished in Heaven!”

It is well known that the yahrzeit of a great Tzaddik provides an especially auspicious time to daven and implore that our bakoshos be heard and answered. This is particularly true for the yahrzeit of the Arizal, in whose zechus the prayers of thousands of Jews have been answered over the years.

Like their counterparts in Monsey, Brooklyn and Monroe, the illustrious and dedicated Kollel Chatzos Meron members leave home every midnight to immerse themselves in Torah and tefilla. They devote a portion of each night to daven for their Chatzos Partners—Jews across the world that recognize the tremendous bracha inherent in supporting nighttime Torah learning. The Arizal extolled the virtues of nighttime learning, saying: There is no end to the merits of learning Torah after chatzos. What they daven for on earth is fulfilled in the heavens. There is nothing greater than learning at midnight (שער הכוונות).

The exemplary talmidei chachomim of Kollel Chatzos Meron, who rise at midnight every night to learn at the kever of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, provide the ultimate means through which Jews the world over can participate in the Ketores Segulah. The Kollel members fulfill all the criteria to perform this segulah at its highest level: they are talmidei chachomim, gathering at midnight, at the kever of the Arizal, on his yahrzeit.

In the days approaching the Arizal’s yahrzeit, the Meron Kollel members devote time and effort to review the teachings of the Ari, delving into the special tefillos and insights contained within the unique and powerful Ketores Segulah. On Monday night, instead of heading directly to learn in Meron, the talmidei chachomim will first travel to the renowned and massive bais hachaim in Tzefas to the kever of the Arizal. As thousands of Jews from all walks of life gather at the Arizal’s gravesite to daven, the Kollel Chatzos members will congregate at a separate, more private location nearby.

Surrounded by quiet darkness and strengthened by the deep understanding of the potential magnitude and impact of their tefillos, the Kollel will fervently recite tikun chatzos and then recite the tefillos of the Ketores Segulah with tremendous concentration. Upon completion they will daven for the hundreds of sponsors of the evening’s Ketores segulah as a zechus for yeshuos in all areas.

“This is a minyan of ehrliche yidden, talmidei chachomim, who are coming to the Arizal’s kever with tremendous feelings of joy and intense concentration and emotion,” explains Rabbi Shimon Halperin, Rosh Kollel of Kollel Chatzos, Meron. “It is a very special eis ratzon, to be by the kever, on the yahrzeit after chatzos. To have these talmidei chachomim davening for all the Chatzos partners and for klal yisroel; there can be no greater moment.”

Last year, hundreds of people from around the world called the central office of Kollel Chatzos, signing up before the yahrzeit to be a part of the Ketores Segulah. In the weeks that followed Kollel Chatzos received scores of emails and phone calls in which elated sponsors described the yeshuos they experienced as a result. Now is your chance to be a part of this potentially life-altering Ketores Segulah.

In the merit of the Arizal and the Ketores Segulah, Kollel Chatzos wishes its many partners, supporters and the entire klal Yisroel all forms of yeshuos: health, wealth, children, nachas, shidduchim and success.

Call Kollel Chatzos today and sign up to have your name included in this year’s Ketores Segulah 1-855-Chatzos (242-8967) or 718-887-9114.

By Shoshana Bernstein

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