Monday, September 26, 2022


New Riverdale Cafe Brings People Together

Emily Weisberg, owner of the newly opened Moss Cafe in Riverdale, is continuing in her family’s tradition of working in the food industry. Her father has worked as a cook; her mother, a school teacher, has worked as a waitress on the weekends and her sister also works in the food industry. However, Weisberg is the only one who


Stamford’s New Sushi Eatery Is Worth the Trip

Sushi in Stamford? Why would anyone living in Teaneck and all the kosher eateries it offers consider driving across state lines for a spicy tuna roll? In a word: Soosh.

Soosh, located in the Crown Plaza Hotel in downtown Stamford, Connecticut, opened six months ago, and my husband and I had a


Daf HaYomi B’Halacha Begins Hilchos Tefillin in All Corners of the World

Dirshu’s popular Daf HaYomi B’Halacha program has recently embarked on hilchos tefillin. The ripple effect worldwide is astounding. Not only are tens of thousands the world over already learning the laws of tefillin, but in addition, interest in Daf HaYomi B’Halacha is spreading to locales that those in the main Jewish centers would


Shelach 5775: Peer Pressured, Theoretically

If the Divine can’t face down communal “peer pressure” what hope is there for the rest of us?

Moses, once again, steps up to defend the Jewish people as God, in response to the sin of the spies, threatens to destroy them. But Moses does not talk about what is right, or ask for justice. He does not


Should America ‘Speak With One Voice’ on Israel?

For the first time, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the power to recognize foreign governments is exclusive to the president.

When President George W. Bush signed the Foreign Relations Authorization Act in the fall of 2002, it produced a mild diplomatic crisis. The act put


Sh’lach: The Grapes of Roth

Helen Roth rarely sent her husband Mark shopping for any groceries for the family. He often came home with the wrong items. Baking powder instead of baking soda. Coco Pebbles instead of Puffs. The wrong size garbage bags. Some days she was amazed that he was such a talented periodontist. How did he get through all those years of schooling,


Don’t Forget to Write

I’d like to share with you a beautiful e-mail I received from my daughter while she was on her graduation trip to Washington, DC. (It stands for “De Capital,” in case you didn’t know.)

Dear Daddy,

I am having an amazing time on this trip. We’ve


Pomp and Circumstance

Ladies and gentleman it is time for the cliched graduation column. The good news is that this medium is of the written word, so you can feel free to skip over lines or paragraphs or the whole entire thing if that suits you. If this were Facebook, well, there would be collages of adorable little children in their nursery school


Chauffeuring Little Creatures

As someone who has a small vegetable garden in his backyard, I’d have to say that the biggest benefit of having a garden is that none of our vegetables have any pesticides on them. But because they don’t, we have animals on them. It’s a trade-off.

At first, we had a groundhog. So my


Q&A With The Weinreb Brothers: Hear Them Live at a Simcha Near You

The Weinreb Brothers, natives of Monsey, have music in their blood. When they were growing up, one would often hear the sounds of exotic rhythmic grooves and extended musical jams floating from their basement windows. Years later, The Weinreb Brothers released their debut album, The Weinreb Brothers—May’ain Olam Habah,


Harmony in The Heights

College students and a capella music. It is a combination that just seems to naturally go hand in hand, and the all new Y-Studs, an 11-man group from Yeshiva University, offer a fresh and innovative sound that explodes with excitement.

“We love making music,” Teaneck resident Jason


Book Paints Painful but Inspiring Picture of Holocaust’s Immediate Aftermath

Dan Stone’s The Liberation of the Camps: The End of the Holocaust and Its Aftermathis difficult reading, and not just because it documents what happened in the Displaced Persons camps in the three years after the war ended in meticulous detail. The newly published book also reveals painful facts that we did not

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