Monday, March 27, 2023


‘I Am His Voice’

Until he was 18 months old, Ari Goodman’s development was exactly what a parent would expect - he learned to crawl, stand and then walk, and he began saying words and phrases. Without warning, Ari began losing language, stopped playing with his toys and no longer responded to his name.



Readying for TABC’s Next Chapter: Q&A With Rabbi Asher Yablok

Teaneck—As Rabbi Asher Yablok visited Torah Academy of Bergen County this week for the first time after being named head of school last month, he took time out of his schedule to have a conversation with The Jewish Link about his views coming into the school, and his plans for its future development. Rabbi Yablok is a RIETS


The New World of Printers

When you write a weekly tech column, sometimes finding interesting subjects becomes a challenge. When I see something in the field that is new or unique, I try to bring that knowledge to my readers.

About 15 years ago you went to a large office supply store and purchased this huge 400-pound


Why Emotional Intelligence Matters

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.”—Dale Carnegie

Chip Kelly caught the NFL by storm when he took over as Philadelphia Eagles head coach before the 2013 season following a successful run in college. Less than three


The Immigration Consequences of Pleading Guilty

A person arrested for a crime often has two choices: pleading guilty, or taking their chances with a jury who decides their guilt. For American citizens, a guilty plea could mean the loss of liberty through a jail sentence or probation. However, for immigrants, a guilty plea often means far more and far worse than that.


One-Stop Shopping for Mishloach Manot to Israel

In all likelihood, you have loved ones in Israel, either olim or people there temporarily. With Purim less than four weeks away, you’re probably also considering how to send your Israeli connections something special for Purim.

Tamarim Concierge, based in Modiin, Israel, offers a variety of


Kollel Chatzos Opens World’s First Nighttime Beis Hora’ah

This past Thursday, an inspiring ma’amed took place in the Toshnad shul in Monsey, as Kollel Chatzos opened the world’s first nighttime Beis Hora’ah! Two of the kollel’s most devout talmidei chachamim, R’ Berel Wieder, dayan u’moreh tzedek of Sanz-Klausenburg, and R’ Avraham Yitzchok Lunger, dayan


Bat Mitzvah in Elizabeth Results in Well-Dressed Newborns at Shaare Zedek

Huvi Hirschey collected more than 500 baby outfits for distribution on the maternity ward.

It’s been several years since Ahuva (Huvi) Hirschey of Elizabeth, NJ, first visited the maternity ward at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem where her grandmother


Hope, Happiness and a Bar Mitzvah for Har-El

Har-El*, one of 8 children of Ethiopian immigrants to Israel, had reached the depth of despair. Less than one week before his bar mitzvah, his mother’s brother, a security guard, turned his weapon on himself to commit suicide. The family was so paralyzed by the tragedy that they sent Har-El to his Boys Town Jerusalem


A Bar Mitzvah Boy and Five-Minute Football

There is no better way to celebrate the coming of age than with friends and family and doing chesed at the same time! My son Louis Weber hosted a Football for Chesed event in honor of his bar mitzvah, at City Sports in Englewood last Monday night. Louis collected donations that went to Camp Moshava’s Scholarship


From Tragedy, a Bar Mitzvah Chesed Project Blooms

Tragedy struck the Jewish community when Rabbi Biermacher of Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem was walking through Jaffa Gate and was brutally stabbed to death. Yair Levie of Teaneck decided to make it his mission to help support the Biermacher family as a chesed project for his upcoming bar mitzvah. Yair walked


Broad Shoulders

On top of the straps of the ephod, resting on the shoulder of the kohen gadol, were two gold settings that held the avnei shoham, the precious stones. Six of the tribes’ names were engraved on one of the shoham stones, and the remaining six names were written on the other stone. The pasuk stipulates that Aharon was to wear the ephod and

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