Friday, June 09, 2023


Nice, Israel and President Obama

We in Israel stand aghast, but not surprised, as we see the increasing number of murderous attacks on innocents abroad, as we have experienced for too long ourselves.

And ever more acutely, as we see before us an exact duplication of such


Visiting Day Bliss

Sleepaway camp is luxury. I am well aware of that. Over the past 10 years, I have selflessly forgone cleaning help, exotic vacations, personal chefs (are you crying for me yet?) and paying for pasta at full price, so my kids could enjoy an unforgettable summer experience. And so I could fight with husband #1 with no one


It’s a New World

Families spend the nights of the Sedarim enjoying the time together and participating in the various traditions that many of us have inherited from our families.

In our family, we the children would hide the


Summer Day-Trip Ideas

Looking for places to visit within a 2-3 hour drive from Northern New Jersey? Here are some places that my husband and I have visited over the past years that we enjoyed. Most of these places are appropriate for adults and children ages 8 and above (though I have included a few for the preschool set). Have a great time!!


Giving Book Recommendations to My Mom

Friday, my day to veg out, relax, recover from my strenuous week as a teenager living in Englewood. At 3 p.m. I’m buried in my blankets, clad in Superman pajamas and sipping peppermint tea. In walks mom, searching for laundry in my room, or “the war zone” as she calls it. A glance at my bookshelf is the clear indicator that my mother didn’t have enough time in


For Some Couples, Summer Brings a Different Kind of Adventure

Jason and Linda have been waiting all year for summer to begin. Unlike most of us, who are bursting with plans for vacation fun in the sun with family and friends, Jason and Linda are preparing for quite a different type of adventure: another round of IVF treatment.

Why summer? Well aside from actually getting a parking spot, which is no small feat these days,


Special Exhibits Abound at Liberty Science Center

While STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs have skyrocketed in popularity over just the last few years, Liberty Science Center (LSC) has been dedicated to bringing the excitement of science to people of all ages since
it first opened in 1993. The museum always has plenty to see and do, but it is hosting some particularly exciting limited-time


EL AL Takes Summer In-Flight Family Fun to New Heights

Families with children traveling on EL AL Israel Airlines roundtrip from New York (JFK/Newark) this summer are in for a sky-high treat with the introduction of the airline’s specialized “ELALCHIK” program. During this month and August, 40 select flights on the New York/Tel Aviv route will provide entertaining activities, fun giveaways and take-home memories for


Taking Mental Health Treatment Online

In my work as a clinical therapist, I treat patients who struggle with anxiety and depression, as well as a host of other life stressors such as grief from the loss of a loved one or even loss of employment. Many people find that the period between face-to-face sessions can be very challenging, and they need support to manage their day-today stress and to


It’s All in the Family

Some may not even know what we are talking about when we remember the days of Archie and Edith on “All in the Family.” At this point in all of our lives, while presidential conventions are either taking place or about to take place, we were discussing the fact that Archie Bunker sort of reminds us of Donald Trump. He definitely does not hesitate to say whatever is


Pokemon Go—WOW

As a tech writer for the Jewish Link of New Jersey, I usually pick my subjects from day-to-day tech issues that I encounter from GCG’s clients. Many times I learn more from clients than from anyone else.

Usually I will write my column and ask for the editor and publisher’s feedback. Though on this particular subject I came to the Jewish Link offices and


What Is Going On With New Jersey’s Gas & Estate Taxes?

There has been a lot of talk lately about recent developments with New Jersey’s gas and estate taxes, and I wanted to pass on a quick update for the readers of the Jewish Link.

Let’s start with Estate Tax. As you’ve heard here before, New Jersey has the worst estate tax in the country. Better said, New Jersey’s estate tax exemption amount, i.e.,

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