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Hashem’s Favorite Baseball Player

Avid baseball fans are excited that the baseball season is finally under way. Religious fans may wonder if Hashem is a baseball fan, whom would He rank as His all-time favorite player. I suggest that an answer may be derived from a halacha which expresses itself often in Torah life, as well as from a Hasidic explanation of the name of the


Metzora: A Blemish on Your Soul, or the Zit That Swallowed New Jersey

Mirriam had always been proud of her perfect alabaster complexion. It was usually the first complement she would receive on her looks. “Wow! You have perfect skin!” And she assumed that was why she got the most cheek pinches from her grandparents, nearly twice as many as her big brother Aaron. She had inherited the trait from her


Weekly Roundup: Kiddushin 29-36

May the learning of these words of Torah serve as a merit le’iluy nishmat Menachem Mendel ben Harav Yoel David Balk a”h.

This week we learned Kiddushin 29-36. Here are some highlights from the topics discussed.


Life Beyond Shana Bet: Young Adults Find a New Path to Aliyah

It used to be that yeshiva students would graduate from high school and head to Israel for their “gap year.” Notice the use of the singular year.On occasion there would be a student who would remain for “shana bet,” a second year of study, but most students returned home after


How to Personalize Your Mother’s Day Gifts

StatePoint—Mother’s Day is all about making Mom feel amazingly special. And what better way than with a thoughtful gift created with her unique style and personality in mind?

“Whether you opt for something extravagant or something she’ll use all the time, when you personalize a gift, you


Shua Kessin Is the Life and Soul of Harmonics

He lives in Lakewood, but the stage is his second home. He’s been performing for almost 15 years, touring the world, lighting up concerts, playing and singing his heart out to the tune of cheering fans. You know him as a performer extraordinaire. To his patients in the OR, he’s that nice, empathetic RN who hums as he


Five Golden Rules of Planning a Group Destination Wedding

BPT—Soft sand warms the soles of your feet and the smell of sweet flowers fill the air. The salty mist of the ocean kisses your cheeks while the laughter of friends and family brings joy to the heart. This isn’t just an amazing vacation for your loved ones, it’s your wedding day.

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It Ain’t Necessarily So

There are times we can all think of when we misjudged a person, a group of people, or gave an inaccurate assessment related to a preconceived notion. And then there are times, few and far between, when we are happy to have been wrong. These mistakes may have been benign or dramatic. There may have been times when you misjudged your spouse,


Psychology of the Seder: How Sipur Yetziat Mitzrayim Can Keep You Happy All Year

The Pesach seder has helped to sustain our faith and reinforce our identity throughout the ages. Much of that has to do with the deliberate way that Chazal, our sages, set the seder up,

The three seder features we will look at all serve the same basic purpose: to enhance the sipur, the telling of the


Stress Doesn’t Come From Where You Think It Does

Everyone complains about stress. It seems to be the “monster” that is ruining our lives. We stress about money, time, family, health, world affairs, etc., etc., etc… We try different ways of dealing with it, like a) avoiding it (I am not going to visit your family, they drive me crazy), b) managing it (I have to go for a walk


Activities and Entertainment Guide

{ North Jersey }


Circle Line Statue of Liberty Ferry from Liberty

State Park

Morris Pesin Drive, Jersey City, NJ 07305.

This site offers visitor center, a playground,

liberty walk, lookout point, and



Restaurants Open For Pesach 2016

New York City (Manhattan): Reservations Suggested

Abigael’s- 1407 Broadway 212 575 1407

Colbeh– 32 W 39th St 212 384 8181

La Brochette– 340 Lexington

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