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Escaping Tower II

Editor’s Note: Bergenfield resident and JLNJ contributor Russell Moskowitz tells his story of escaping WTC II on September 11, 2001. He wrote the following on September 14, 2001. It is reprinted with permission.


It is now 9:25pm on Thursday night. A


A Yachad Parent Runs for Glory

After seeing some posts on Facebook a few months ago, I called my husband, David, and told him that I was thinking of running the Miami ING Half-Marathon with Yachad. His first response was “You know you don’t run,” soon followed by, “You are out of your mind,” and finally (sigh), “Just let me know where and


Kneeling on a Stone Floor

On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we kneel on the floor during davening at Aleinuand while saying V’hakohanim. In addition, many times we wish to kneel on the ground to give a child a bath, exercise or to put something away. Are the above permitted, and if they are not, what is the correct way to kneel?


Princeton University to Build Eruv to Accommodate Observant Jews

It has been five years in the making, but Princeton University is installing an eruv, or virtual boundary, around most of the campus and parts of the town so that observant Jews can carry essential items outdoors without desecrating the Sabbath. Under construction during the coming few weeks, the eruv will stretch from Harrison


Nostalgic Chagim Memories

As we reminisce about the many yamim tovimthat we have spent together, we were discussing recently some of the interesting, sometimes very serious, and other times very funny experiences we have shared.

Our early married life never heard the term “sharing” with regard to which family we


Can’t It Wait?

Summer days are winding down. Leaves on the trees are laced with shades of burnt orange, yellow and red. There’s something so special about this season. There’s that carefree feeling of just walking out the door, coatless, bootless, with just the simple clothes on your back. Days of shoveling, sanding the sidewalks, and icy


Jewish New Year’s Resolutions

Part I of II

In the secular world it is very common to make “New Year’s resolutions.” People undertake to lose weight, get into shape and pay off credit cards. They resolve to watch less television, wash their car once a week and fix the backyard fence which has been broken for


A Companion to a Rosh Hashanah Prayer

The chazzan begins to hum the familiar tune of Unetaneh Tokef. Familiar, not because I’ve heard its melody in shul for the past few decades, but it is a part of me as I see its consequences every waking day of my life.

As the Associate Director of Project Chai, Chai Lifeline’s Crisis


The Reforms of Rabbi Amnon

Among the numerous prayers recited in synagogues on the High Holidays, few have the impact of “U’netaneh Tokef” (“Let us now relate the power…of this day’s holiness”). The chazan and the congregation alternately chant the refrain that “on Rosh Hashanah our yearly fortune is inscribed, and sealed on Yom Kippur.” In


Aleinu: A Rosh Hashanah Prayer That Migrated Into the Daily Service

Every Rosh Hashanah, many are puzzled by the flow of the Musaf Shemoneh Esrei, when Aleinusuddenly appears. After all, Aleinuis a prayer recited all year long at the conclusion of the daily services. Why does it suddenly appear in the middle of the Shemoneh Esreion Rosh Hashanah?


From Israel to Your Table: Harvesting the Holiness

Wine holds a special place in Jewish tradition. Whether to greet the Sabbath, to welcome a new baby into the fold, to bless the holy union of husband and wife, wine is a potent force in our communal life. The wine we use to mark our magic moments speaks volumes about our values.



Israeli Beekeepers Help Make New Year Sweeter for President and First Lady

Jerusalem—Beekeepers from across Israel delivered their honey products to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin this week in light of a festive event held at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem for the upcoming Jewish New Year.

A delegation of the Israeli Honey Council, which also

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