Saturday, June 03, 2023


Coming to Terms with Grammar

People are always coming up and asking me why grammar is important. Well, mainly my students.

But it comes with the job. I’m a grammar teacher. It’s my job to get kids to say things correctly, while simultaneously reminding them that they shouldn’t talk in class.


‘From’ Spoofing Emails, Beware

As I have written in the past, some clients may think that viruses must be great for business. It’s pretty much the same way a car alarm company must say, “Well, in a perfect world there would be no car break-ins and no need for car alarms.” Though without an alarm, people will just break in easily.


Reflections of a Seminary Student in Israel; Lessons My ‘Kids’ Have Taught Me

These past two weeks have been the hardest weeks I’ve experienced in Israel. Constantly getting alerts to my phone about the next attack, having meetings about security and the precautions—it’s not easy. People I know are talking about going home or not leaving their dorms out of fear, but


V’ha’ikar, Lo L’fached Klal—Most Importantly, Do Not Fear at All!

In 1967, one month after the conclusion of the Six-Day War, I visited Israel for the first time. Clearly, the visit made a deep emotional impact and a lasting impression on me. But one of the lighter moments I recall came while traveling on a public bus. Being somewhat fluent in Hebrew, I enjoyed engaging in conversation with the local


The ‘USD: Chesed Hour’ Exchange Rate

I am blessed with a fun-loving, rambunctious and somewhat mischievous toddler. Additionally, I enjoy going to movies with my wife. Oh, the quandaries of parenthood. Last week, considering the various ways to ensure the safety of my youngster while enjoying dinner and the latest summer blockbuster, I jestfully posted the following


Another Pleasant Valley…Shabbos

Have you heard the joke: Two Jews are stranded on a desert island…they build three synagogues—one for the Orthodox Jew, one for the Reform Jew, and one that neither one of them will ever set foot in!

Not so in West Orange, New Jersey.


Why It Hurts So Much

The most recent spate of violence in Israel has deeply affected Jews all throughout the world. We agonize over our brothers’ and sisters’ pain and their collective fear of being able to walk the streets safely. Each day we scour the news for updates while praying for the recovery of terror victims and for peace and calm to be restored


Special Benefits for Immigrants Who Enroll in the U.S. Military

With political, economic and social strife prevalent in all corners of the world, the United States military will continue to be a necessary tool in keeping global peace and fighting for those who cannot defend themselves. To promote its efforts to attract quality and soldiers of diverse backgrounds, the U.S. Army has utilized a


Down With the Bad, Up With the Good

A few weeks ago, after undergoing foot surgery, I received some helpful advice from an experienced physical therapist about how I might tackle walking stairs most comfortably and safely. “Down with the bad, up with the good,” she said. Her words could well serve as an analogy for the way each of us should approach life, moving forward


Winter Zman Commences in Kollel Chatzos Branches around the World

The winter zman at Kollel Chatzos is successfully underway, and the close to 100 talmidei chachamim who learn in the four kollel branches are filled with joy and gratitude for the privilege to participate in such a holy empire of Torah. Some shared how they feel blessed to be able to learn Hashem’s Torah at the holy hour of


AMT Tax Part II: How You Can Benefit From the AMT Tax

Last article I explained how horrible the AMT tax is. However, for this article I’ll explain how, in specific circumstances, you may actually be able to save money because of it. Before I get into the details, I was asked by a couple of people if I could further explain how the AMT tax works. This time I’ll use real-life


Camp HASC / A Time For Music 29: “The Tour…The Experience!”

The Camp HASC concert, otherwise known as A Time For Music, has long been considered the ultimate concert experience in the Jewish music world. Always innovative, it sets the standard of excellence for the industry. This year, Eli Gerstner will be producing the concert and he’s promising lots of surprises. Says Eli, “We’ll be

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