Saturday, June 03, 2023


A Momentous Day

Just three short or long years ago on October 28, the day that this edition of the Link is being published, is the anniversary of the arrival of Hurricane Sandy.

Lesser known is that on the same day three years ago, we, the Glicks, moved into our new home in Bergenfield. We did not believe the


The Five Worst Times to Be Your Own Photographer

BPT—Sometimes taking your own photos can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it’s also the surest way to ruin a once-in-a-lifetime moment. The amateur treatment isn’t going to be good enough for truly special events like a wedding, family reunion or your newborn’s first portraits.


Grand Ribbon Cutting for Queens Jewish Link Office and Press Conference for Israel

On Sunday morning, October 18, a large crowd gathered to celebrate the opening of the new office of the Queens Jewish Link and to show support for Israel. The new office is located at 68-68 Main Street.

Mr. Yaakov Serle, Founder and Publisher of the Queens Jewish Link, welcomed


JFS Bergen Looks to Expand Reach to Orthodox Community

Susan Greenbaum, for 20 years, has been a Teaneck neighbor, friend and active Jewish community professional. A self-described “refugee from the JCC world,” she has been, for over a year and a half, at the helm of the Jewish Family Service of Bergen and North Hudson.

Greenbaum is moving her


Winter Wardrobe Update: Hedy’s Hat Sale Coming to Teaneck

With the sukkahs safely stored away and colorful leaves falling, it can only mean that the cold weather is approaching. To complement your seasonal shul attire, Hedy Needle has a full selection of winter hats that will be displayed at her semi-annual trunk show, to be held on Wednesday, November 4th, from 7-10pm at 600


Lech Lecha: Forefather Party Rules

Bereishit: 12:10-20

In considering all her past relationships, Serena had learned that it was almost always a bad thing when the men in her life started thinking.

It was just a regular Upper West Side weekend party. They both knew more than half the people in the


Lech Lecha 5776: Directions, Questionably

The commentaries are quite explicit about it. Told by God to leave his land, birthplace and his family homestead to go to “an undisclosed location,” the Almighty is precise in choice of words. “Lecha,” implies for Abraham’s ultimate benefit.

Yes, leaving home is hard. Moving far from your


Spotlight Israel: Avigayil Wiener

Spotlight Israel columns will feature local residents studying in Israel. We are grateful to our first interviewee, Avigayil Wiener. Avigayil is studying at Michlelet Mevaseret Yerushalayim (MMY). She is from Teaneck, and attended RYNJ and Bruriah. Her shul is Congregation Rinat Yisrael.


Parents’ Day at Elie’s Base

We recently participated in Parents’ Day at the paratrooper base where our son Elie is training. Parents are ordinarily prohibited from visiting their children at this base; this is due not just to security concerns, but “in order to blur differences and emphasize unity” (i.e., allowing visits would create a situation where some


Perspectives of Two Teens: Israel Under Attack

A note from Oren: Usually this column is just my thoughts, but when it came to the current situation in Israel with all of the constant terror attacks, I decided that it was important to get another voice in the picture—the voice of someone from Israel, who is actually living through the terror right now.


Good Taste

Today we present a recent study on food, conducted by scientists over several days of Yom Tov. Scientists love doing studies on food, because it means they can eat on the job, and also take off food as a business expense.

Apparently, there was a scientific study as to why airline food


Ugly Utley

If women ran the world, what would that be like? Would there be more mandatory shopping days? More double-coupon possibilities? If they ran the world would husbands be at the supermarket more than their wives who were busy running the world? Sometimes, men will say, “I am busy at the office right now and I have no time to pick up

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