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A Biting Critique

It was just one day, tradition teaches, that  Noah was behind schedule. Yet, the next day, as he returns, seemingly on time once again, but the lion remembers. Noah survives that encounter, but comes away mauled.

Without reading in too much here, couldn’t the lion have cut Noah some slack?


Defining Modern Orthodoxy as Centrism

I found the Jewish Link’s debate between Rabbis Avrohom Gordimer ( http://tinyurl.com/qz8j52r ) and Michael Chernick ( http://tinyurl.com/qz8j52r ) enlightening. The truth is that I agree and disagree with both of


A Review of International Beit Din Case 105: Part I of II

As the controversy surrounding the International Beit Din (“IBD”) continues to swirl, there is some confusion among the general public regarding the nature of the objections to the IBD. While Batei Din have disagreed from time immemorial, this particular disagreement is qualitatively different, not just a disagreement about conclusions


Teaneck Council Approves ‘A Garden to Nurture Human Understanding’

Teaneck—The Teaneck Town Council overwhelmingly passed a resolution to move forward with the conception and design of a duo of memorials on the Municipal Green, an area that lies between the Teaneck Municipal Building and the Teaneck Library, adjacent to Teaneck Road.


Noach: The Silent Aron

It seemed like such a good idea. The new synagogue in Twin Rivers was due to be completed in November, and the old shul in Vineland was closing in July. That meant there was more than enough time to transfer the old Aron Kodesh to the new structure. Rabbi Herschel Hartstein, a truly holy man of blessed memory, had been the rabbi in Vineland


Torat Emet Natan Lanu—Harmonizing Bereishit with Contemporary Science

Torat Emet Natan Lanu(He gave us an authentic Torah) is a song frequently sung in Sephardic synagogues and especially at Congregation Shaarei Orah. Many Sephardic Jews, especially Moroccan Jews, affirm that Emet Torateinu HaKedoshah, that the Torah indeed is completely true, before they say the bracha recited subsequent to


The Appropriate Timing of a Get

A recent letter to the editor of this publication (“IBD Rulings Invalidated; Women Languish,” September 10, 2015) touched on the critical question of when in the divorce process a get should be issued. In general terms, the Beth Din of America recommends that a get should be executed once a marriage is functionally over and the couple


Discussing the ‘Big Questions’ of Life

I often hear complaints that the Jewish community does not discuss the big questions of life. “Big Questions” address all-important issues of purpose: who we are and why we are here. Yet our rabbis tend to speak about issues like which blessing to recite on a specific food or how to perform a certain activity permissibly on Shabbos.


Leading Blindly

Anyone who travels to and from Monsey (or Rockland County) is familiar with the challenge of driving on the Palisades Parkway at night. During the day the parkway boasts beautiful scenery of passing trees, especially during the fall foliage. But at night there is nothing to see but passing white lines, making the trip arduous and


Looking Up At the Top Tier

It’s the fall of senior year, and that means missing 50 school days for the chagim, getting used to AP-level classes (whether they’re called AP or not), and best—or at least, most—of all, college applications.

I was recently sent an article (“The Ivy League, Mental Illness, and the Meaning of


Relying on an Old Friend

There are many definitions of identifying an old friend. For some it could be a person whom one has grown up with and over the years have kept up with. For others it might be someone who we were once close with but because of distance or life circumstance we are not in touch with as frequently as we would like to be. However, when we do see


Sukkah Revolution

By the time you read this, your supermarket bills have gone down considerably. You probably have not had or thought about having company, and your laundry is pretty much back to a normal schedule (unless, of course, you don’t do laundry during Chol Hamoed and then that’s an entirely different column). I know the holidays are over.

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