Sunday, June 04, 2023


Celebrating My 100th Column

100. That number is a very big accomplishment. Living to 100, doing 100 jumping jacks, running 100 marathons, eating 100 pints of ice cream or 100 pieces of shredded radish for the healthy set; whatever it is, it is a big deal. I remember when my kids were in elementary school (as I write this from my assisted-living facility, sitting in my


For Your Amusement

If you go on Chol Hamoed trips, at some point you’re going to find yourself at an amusement park.

Amusement parks are great, because you can pay one flat admission to spend the entire day doing lots of fun things, such as waiting in line.

And a lot of the time


An Exclusive Interview With Eli Gerstner, the New Producer of the Camp HASC ‘A Time for Music’ Concert

Eli Gerstner, the producer of The Yeshiva Boys Choir, is without a doubt one of Jewish music’s most creative stars in the industry. As if his other groups, “The Chevra,” “Menucha,” and “Tek-noy,” weren’t enough, Eli, together with his close friend Yossi Newman, began the Yeshiva Boys Choir in 2003. A


A Time to ‘Shrai Gevalt’

(Note: The story below is one that I recently shared with my son, Yoni, who is a tour guide in Israel, for him to use in the special Selichot tours he conducts before Selichot are said at night. I hope you enjoy it.)

This story starts with a visit to the U.S. in 1968 by the then chief rabbi of


The Best Marital Advice I Ever Received

In the mid-1960s a baby was born in Texas named Greg. Greg was never the biggest or strongest kid, but he mastered his craft using finesse and accuracy. He eventually became one of the world’s greatest pitchers. Greg Maddux would legendarily pitch to blindfolded catchers during practice; his elite accuracy led to trustworthy catchers and


How to Inspire Your Teen in 42 Days or Less

You’ve invested time and money instilling Jewish values in your children. But are they passionate about being Jewish? Next summer they just might be.

At NCSY, we understand Jewish teens better than anyone. Because we work with them 365 days a year. And we’ve been doing it for over 60


Lashon HaKodesh: History, Holiness, & Hebrew

The term “Lashon Hakodesh” means different things to different people. It’s generally translated as “the holy language.” And what that language is can also mean different things to different people. Author Rabbi Reuven Chaim Klein knows there are no definitive answers on the development of Lashon Hakodesh and


New Koren Titles for the New Year

Among a number of new titles out this fall are three unique books sure to interest our readers. Short descriptions are below, and they are all available in local Jewish bookstores or from korenpub.com.

Koren Tehillim


Handshake on a Higher Level

My dentist’s receptionist called me today to ask where I was. She said, “You’re five minutes late,” and then even continued, “You aren’t here!”—really! So when I got there one minute later with a huge grin like a child who knew he was in trouble but also content that the great sin was worth the pleasure, I said “So,


The Sins of the Old

Excerpt from The Blind Angel: New Old Chassidic Tales ,by Rabbi Tovia Halberstam, translated and retold by Joshua Halberstam

The Radomsker Rebbe combines depth and humor by staging two Chassidic Sages, an unemployed yetzer hara and


My Shul-Mate Else z”l

“Hubby here?” The familiar, friendly question came from good-natured Else (pronounced El-sa) Roth each Saturday as she peeked through the lace curtain on the mechitza.

As she turned to me after affirming my answer, “French nails this week,” she would comment, as she nodded approvingly


Paving the Road For the New Year

We are not speaking of any old “road.” As you might guess we are speaking of Highgate Terrace, the infamous street in Bergenfield all of two blocks long. One street from New Bridge to Westminster Gate is totally paved and the other block between Westminster Gate and Churchill continues to be the most talked-about eyesore. No car is able

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