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An Insider’s Perspective: Looking Back on a Jewish Link of NJ Summer Internship

in·tern 1[ n. in-turn]

A person who works as an apprentice or trainee in an occupation or profession to gain practical experience. (Dictionary.reference.com)

The above denotation well sums


Scenes from Moshava Ba'ir's First Week


Rabbi Ian Shaffer: In the Right Place

Some people know from a young age what they want to do professionally. For Rabbi Ian Shaffer, deciding upon the rabbinate was a process. However, anyone who has sat in a class with him can surely attest that he made the right choice.

After three years of working in Israel, Rabbi Shaffer and his


Widow(er) Remarriage

While the formal will is the most important document in estate planning, there are occasionally needs for additional information or instructions. We have identified an area that is not a component of classic estate planning, but that becomes significant following the passing of a spouse. That subject is remarriage of a surviving


Balak: Bilam’s Blues

It was the same story in every town they visited. Bilam had been a big star in Midian before his encounter with Balak. He had received the royal treatment everywhere he went. He got to sit on the choice rock at the oasis. He always got the best palm tree under which to rest. People treated him like a celebrity, bowing in his presence or


Healthcare Reform and You: Your Options as a Small Business

Are you frustrated and bewildered with your increased health insurance premium?

You must be an individual or, like most Americans, own or work for a business with 2–50 employees.

Healthcare reform has transformed the entire US healthcare market. Everyone must


Show Me the Pants

Yes, it’s another column about husband #1. If you have had enough of these, you had better just put the paper down, walk away, get a shot of tequila and then just read it really fast. It’s like pulling off a Band-Aid. You don’t want to do it, but it has to be done. A recent former friend of mine, in a tirade about how


From Immorality to Holiness

On Sunday evening we had the pleasure of attending the wedding of the son of old family friends. We had watched him and his siblings grow and mature from the time that they were babies. This was a special simcha because the chasson is 43 and his kallah is 39. As we all know in frum circles that is considered old!


Why Do We Argue So Much?

Jennifer and Jonathan were so looking forward to their vacation. They were finally going to get a break from the busy grind of their hectic lives. Much to their disappointment, the vacation was marred by many arguments that left each of them feeling sad and more alone than when they were home, busy in their daily routines.


Organized and Clutter Free: What’s in Your Suitcase?

It’s the beginning of July and your travel reservations have been confirmed. You called the Star Ledger, NY Times, and Wall Street Journal to cease delivery during your absence, as well as contacted the Post Office to hold your mail while you are away. Congratulations, you got through all the planning for your vacation. Now what?


We Judge With Our Eyes

I am on vacation and not even on American soil. It is a vastly different milieu in almost every respect. I find myself continuously comparing, contrasting, judging and labeling people. Of course, this continuous chatter is only in my head. I don’t share it with anyone, God forbid.

But isn’t that what


Tax Tips: The Accounting Industry’s Refusal to Leave the 80s

I remember walking into a doctor’s office a couple of years ago. The furniture in the waiting room was outdated, the carpet looked as if it hadn’t been replaced in 30 years; even the woman behind the counter looked like she was stuck in 1985. I stood there pondering whether I accidentally discovered time travel. I had to turn on the TV

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