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Preconceived Chesed

It’s something we probably don’t appreciate enough. It’s a wonderful thing to be part of a community that is so eager to perform acts of chesed for each other. In times of celebration, and God forbid, times of tragedy, it is extremely heartwarming when friends and neighbors are eager to help share the burden and make


Not Just Regret

During the service performed by the kohen gadol on Yom Kippur, the mizrak, a vessel that contained the blood of the bull and goat sacrifice brought as atonement, was carried into the Kodesh HaKodashim—the Holy of Holies. Once inside, the kohen gadol dipped his finger into the mizrak and then sprinkled the blood on the Aron (Ark). He did


Greatness Through Humility

“Wherever you find the greatness of the Holy One—there you will find His humility,” a fact proven from the Torah, the Nevi’im and the K’tuvim. In the Nevi’im it is taught: “So says the exalted and uplifted One, He who is eternal and Whose very name is holy, ‘I dwell up high in holiness, yet I am with the downhearted and despondent to revive the


What Is the Difference Between Mechila and Selicha?

This might seem like an easy question but it is actually a very challenging one. Why? Neither the noun mechila nor the verb MChL appear in Tanach. Therefore, we do not have a precise handle on what the verb MChL means, or even whether the initial mem is part of the root. In order to understand the difference between mechila and selicha, we must first attempt


Yom Kippur: Bridging the Gap

It was the First World War. They were soldiers on opposing sides but they were fellow Jews. Some fought for Russia, part of the Entente, and others fought for Germany of the Central Powers. On one Yom Kippur in 1917, in a German prisoner of war camp, German and Russian Jews, while praying together, bridged the cultural differences between them.

Dr. Yaakov


Once Upon a Time: The Remarkable Joseph Jacobs

As children, most of us enjoyed reading those exciting fairy- and nursery-tale collections authored by Charles Perrault of France, the Brothers Grimm of Germany and Hans Christian Andersen of Denmark. But just as these worthy authors collected tales from their respective countries, the stories that were told around English fireplaces or nurseries were


I Forgive You...Sort of...

The High Holidays are upon us. A time of reflection, a time of trepidation when thinking about the future and how we are seen in the eyes of the ultimate judge. What is a cynical, sarcastic and negative person supposed to do? Well, they see that one of their favorite rabbis, and former high


On the Front Lines

Yom Kippur is a time to mochel people. “Forgive and forget,” they say. And I’ve got that covered. As time goes on, I find that I’m getting better and better at forgetting.

“Are you mochel me?”

“For what?”

“That thing I did to you. Remember?”

“Oh, yeah!”

“So, you forgive me?”



Practical Tips for Paying Personal and Business Expenses

Commingling business and personal funds is a dangerous game. Think of it like this—most likely, a major reason why you incorporated your business was for liability purposes. Incorporation protects you individually from liability in various situations. In these situations, business creditors can only touch the assets of the corporation while your


Identify Your Family’s Financial Priorities

Provided by Jenna Bienenfeld, a financial representative at Bienenfeld, Lasek & Starr, LLC; courtesy of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual)

Although the American family has always shown great resilience through the ups and downs of our dynamic economy, the slow recovery we’re experiencing now is compelling many to not only


Sara Rosenfeld Makes a Difference

June 29, 2015 was a day that changed Sara Rosenfeld’s life forever. On that afternoon, her son Malachi was heading home from a basketball game with some friends when their car was ambushed by Arab terrorists near Shvut Rachel along Route 60. All four boys were shot, with Malachi sustaining the most serious injuries.

In the frantic


Mekudeshet Festival in Jerusalem Draws Huge Crowd

The Festival hosted a house of prayer for all believers: ‘We proved the Holy City can be a global home for a new voice of tolerance, inclusivity and collaboration,’ say organizers.

Jerusalem—An unprecedented experimental festival, which ended today, in Jerusalem, harnessed the Holy City’s timeless energy to inspire artists and

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