Wednesday, February 01, 2023


Fourteen Hours Inspecting the Teaneck Eruv—Does This Matter to Hashem?

Did you see the four rabbis last week walking along certain Teaneck streets, carefully examining utility wires? Often they were reviewing the poles and wires from different vantage points and perspectives, sometimes spending quite a while in certain spots. What was this all about?

This unusual sight was


Paypal Buys Cybersecurity Firm, Creates Israel Hub

Online payments group PayPal announced Tuesday it was acquiring Israeli cybersecurity firm CyActive and establishing a new security hub in Israel. The terms of the deal were not announced, but some reports this week said PayPal, which is being spun off by online giant eBay, was paying $60 million for CyActive.


Understanding Wine Scores

The very best method for exploring wine is to taste it—as often as possible, and preferably with good food, friends, and family. Because there is a seemingly endless number of different wines out there, however, specialists or wine critics have emerged to help consumers make sense of it all, and make informed wine


Merci Beaucoup

I did not even get a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower. Not only did I not see the Eiffel Tower, I also did not see The Lourve, Champs-Elysees, Musee d’Orsay, or the Arc de Triomphe. Though it was my first trip to Paris, I did not see any of the sights that this enchanted city is famous for. What I did see, however, was something that was far


Advice Adina: A Shushan Advice Column

Dear Advice Adina,

My daughter recently went to the king’s palace for the “Queen Contest.” After an entire year of getting ready, and over one million coins for the beauty potions and lotions, the obnoxious king covered his eyes and told my innocent daughter that she looked like an


Failing at Perfection

It seems that every couple of years, somewhere in the world—in Israel, the United States or elsewhere—rumors begin to swirl that a para aduma, a red heifer, has been discovered. For weeks and months thereafter, the cow is observed very carefully. Chazal inform us that there were nine para adumas brought from the time of Moshe


Let There Be Lights

When I started to write UnGarbled-Tech, I assumed I knew all the items I thought I would write about. Light bulbs were not on that list.

In my last column I wrote about IoT—Internet of Things—items in your home that you will connect to the Internet so you can control them remotely.


Sounding the Alarm

“As far as I can tell, there was nothing new.” With those ten terse words, President Obama casually and callously dismissed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to a joint meeting of Congress.

In an interview after the speech, the President noted that he did not watch Netanyahu’s


Lasko’s Fontainebleau Experience – The Iconic Leader of Passover Programs

Passover holiday vacation options have grown exponentially over the years with diverse programs springing up in venues all over the United States and the world. Many exist for a year or two and then either disappear or move on to a different place. Select programs have become “historic” and have repeated year after


Publisher’s Notebook: The Jewish Link Schools Coverage

As the Jewish Link continues to expand, the number of schools with which we partner grows as well. Each issue has seen the Schools and Sports sections slowly but surely overtaking the surrounding pages, often spilling into Community News. While we are thrilled with the overwhelming excitement from the schools and our readers for these


Parshat Chukat: More Than Just the Para Aduma

Today’s parsha opens with the oft-discussed law of the para aduma. Due to our familiarity with this portion we may tend to connect the entire Parshat Chukat to this one subject. Our rabbinic authorities, however, do not.

Tellingly, the haftorah selection today is taken from Sefer Shoftim and connects


“No Phone Beyond”

Week to week most IT columnists browse tech websites and talk to IT professionals looking for the most updated and current technologies to write about. This year my family was blessed to have a client fly us to California (thank God for points/miles). After some meetings with the client—traffic for an hour each way, smog, and

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