Tuesday, March 28, 2023


International Yom Limud and Tefillah Held on Yahrzeit of Chofetz Chaim

“A Yid came to the venerated rosh yeshiva, HaGaon HaRav Aharon Leib Shteinman, shlita, begging him to daven for a person plagued with a terrible, terminal illness. He asked Rav Shteinman, ‘What should we do?’ Rav Shteinman answered, “I don’t know. Perhaps tefillah at the kever of the Chofetz Chaim could help?” This was the story used by Rav Chizkiyahu Yosef


Finding Common Ground in Teaneck With Senator Joe Lieberman

I had the privilege to spend a few moments chatting with Senator Lieberman last week, when we met at a political event for Josh Gottheimer, a Jewish candidate for Congress from New Jersey. Lieberman came to Teaneck to endorse Gottheimer and give him a “seal of approval” from his “No Labels” advocacy group.

Needless to say, I think the first thing we



I’ve gotten into coin collecting recently. And by “into,” I don’t mean that I’m interested. I mean that I kind of got sucked into it. My fourth grader is into coin collecting, and I don’t want him to get ripped off. I’m very nervous about this world of people who say that coins are worth more than the amount that is clearly engraved on the actual coin.


On Labor Day Break, YU Students Travel to Baton Rouge to Fight Flood Damage

New York—For most college students, Labor Day is a last chance to relax and unwind before the fall semester’s barrage of classes, exams and research papers. But for a group of Yeshiva University students, the break was an opportunity to change lives.

This holiday weekend, 12 undergraduates traveled to the flood-ravaged city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where


Life Is a Competition

People are competitive. It starts when when we are little and we come home from the hospital. “My baby was 22 inches long. The doctor said he has never seen such a tall baby before.” “Well my baby was 18 inches long, but he came out smiling. The doctor said he has never seen that before.” “My baby actually knocked on my uterus and asked permission to come


Seven College Students Join Inaugural Simon Wiesenthal Internship Program

This past summer, the Simon Wiesenthal Center ran the first-of-its-kind Government Advocacy Internship Program for college and graduate-level students. The program was geared at educating the next generation of Jewish youth in how the advocacy system works, through exposure to both state and municipal government, politics and advocacy.

According to Michael


The Flag

Over the years, we have always commented on the outpouring of patriotism that we felt when we were visiting the United States. American flags hanging proudly from building to bridge to car lot to tunnel entrance, as well as from many homes in villages across the country. The only greater feeling of pride is arriving at Ben Gurion Airport and seeing the blue and white


Live for Today and Plan for Tomorrow

The Changing Environment for Retirement Planning

For as long as anyone can remember, people have depended on three primary sources for their retirement income: pensions, personal savings, and Social Security. Over the past several decades, however, the picture has changed.

One significant change is


TeachNJS Brings Home a Big Victory for Jewish Day Schools

The exorbitant cost of Jewish day school has been a prevailing issue within our community for a long time. Countless hours have been spent lobbying for an increase in state funding to alleviate a portion of the ever-increasing expenses encumbering local families. Last week, TeachNJS, a project of the Orthodox Union Advocacy Center along with The Jewish Federation of


West Orange Bikur Cholim Looks to Expand

West Orange—To escape the perils of Jewish life in Iran, Dr. Joe Rozehzadeh fled to the US at 12 years old. From a young age, Rozehzadeh already understood the importance of visiting the sick. Events in his life helped him take that understanding to a higher level.

Rozehzadeh ultimately settled in West Orange with his wife, Lori, to raise their family and


Teaneck’s Dr. Alan Kadish: Leading Touro College to the Future

Dr. Alan Kadish, a Teaneck resident, joined Touro College in 2009 shortly before the passing of Dr. Bernard Lander, the university’s founder and president since 1970. Dr. Kadish spoke to The Jewish Link about his work over the past seven years, his thoughts on becoming Touro’s second-ever president, and Touro’s impact on the local Jewish community in the


Groundbreaking Treatment Offers Welcome Relief to Food Allergy Sufferers

For years those who suffered from environmental allergies have been experiencing relief through allergy shots, but those living with severe food allergies have typically had little recourse but to avoid items that could trigger an allergic reaction. All that is changing, however, as potentially life-saving relief for the food allergic is now being offered by allergists

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