Monday, November 28, 2022


Don’t Be Scared

What are you most afraid of? Some people are afraid of spiders; some people are afraid of the dark. When I was little, my brother and I would run upstairs from the basement for fear that someone was chasing us. No one was ever chasing us, but we were convinced someone was down there with us. When sons #1 and 2 would want to torture son #3,


Iced Coffee

If you’re like me, you’ve been feeling very tired lately, and you don’t know why that is.

Sure, you can guess. You’ve been busy. So much so that if you ever make a mistake, and it’s before noon, you can just tell the other person, “I haven’t woken up yet.”


Giving Thanks Through Tears

As we are drawn into the excitement of Thanksgiving, we remind ourselves that this same holiday is celebrated in Montreal on a Monday in October. Frequently it would coincide with either Sukkot or Simchat Torah and if not, other than giving people a free day, few would celebrate it.

This year,


Blended Learning: A Solution to the Day School Tuition Crisis?

There has been much discussion lately about blended learning and its potential promise for day schools. Chana German, who directs the Lookstein Center’s Virtual Jewish Academy and Russel Neiss, director of educational technology at G-dcast, a website that disseminates educational Torah materials, are at the forefront of


Setting a SMART Strategy

One of the most famous arguments between Bais Shammai and Bais Hillel relates to Chanukah. The debate centers on the sequence of the menorah lighting, as in whether it should be “top-down” (light a full eight lights on the first evening and then one fewer candle each successive night, the opinion of Bais Shammai) or “bottom-up” (the


Insights From Bereshit

Part I

The Rambam, in his commentary on the Torah, repeatedly references the well-known truism, “ Ma’aseh avot siman lebanim—The actions of our forefathers are signposts for their children to follow.” Indeed, the lessons I learned from our Avot and Imahot, trailblazers in charting a


Torah and Tepees: Comanche Friend of the Jews

Part I of III

“There’s nothing new under the sun.” We’ve heard those words of Koheleth so often in life that we assume they are an accurate description of reality. Readers of the Jewish Link in particular, well informed as they are of world affairs and up to date on the latest and newest


An Open Letter to the RCA

I honestly understand why members of the Rabbinical Council of America were compelled to make another public statement on the matter of female clergy. Although I may not have done the same, I definitely get it. However, I feel compelled to write to you about one bothersome aspect of the most recent resolution.


Classic Chazanut and Classic Masterpieces: Rinat’s Cantorial Concert

On Saturday evening, November 14, a cantorial concert was held at Congregation Rinat Yisrael in Teaneck. The concert comprised cantorial classics performed by master chazanim. Cantor Yaakov Motzen and Cantor Yanky Lemmer performed magnificently, accompanied by the acclaimed and world famous cantorial accompanist, Cantor Daniel Gildar. Both


Addressing Child Abuse in Our Community

Consider this rude awakening: Statistics indicate that approximately one in four girls and one in six boys are sexually assaulted before age 18. It may be tempting to believe that such abuse is far less prevalent in the Jewish community, but this is not the case. Data suggests that child sexual abuse occurs within the Jewish community at


RCBC Supports JFS Regarding Abuse Allegations

The Rabbinical Council of Bergen County (RCBC) is deeply pained to learn of the allegations of abuse of a minor made against a member of our community who worked as a mental health professional. The crimes alleged represent not only violations of secular law, but also of some of our most basic halachos(Jewish laws) and ethical


Vayetzei: Hanging Out

As Burt Sosovsky hung from the roof of his house in Allamuchy, New Jersey, holding on to the cold metal edge of the gutter for dear life, far from the ground, a few thoughts should have run through his mind.

He should have thought about his wife, Clara, urging him to call Gutter Busters to clear out the

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