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Looking for a Shidduch? Join the Kollel Chatzos Amukah Campaign on the 15th of Av

On Thursday night, July 30 th, the Talmidei Chachamim of Kollel Chatzos Meron will gather in Amukah to daven on behalf of Jewish singles around the world to find their bashert. At a time when the shidduch crisis has been called the bane of our generation, Kollel Chatzos is offering singles the world over the zechus of partnering with Torah learning and the


Let’s Go to the Cape!

Studies show that taking the occasional vacation helps you live a better life. Experiencing new sites, taking in the local fare, learning new things; it all contributes to helping you be a better, more refreshed you. What happens when your traveling companion is not a big fan of spending money? You look up the hotel you are staying


Assisting Our Middle Eastern Allies

“Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:


Pinchas, My Grandfather; I Will Always Remember His Name

I will always cherish the memory of my Grandfather Pinchas and what he did to keep our family hidden and safe during Cossack pogroms in Skvira, the city in the Kiev oblast (province) in Ukraine where they lived.

This story depicts how the life of one man, Pinchas, impacted so many. I’m glad that I remembered it as my father told


Estate Planning Must-Haves

There are many people who believe that in order to have a proper estate plan they need only draft a will or a trust. Many put this on their “to-do lists” but somehow never manage to get these done.

However, there is much more needed in order to properly plan ahead so as to make certain that all of


Homolka Hesitates (Part I of IV)

(Part I of IV)

Read part II of Homolka Hesitates here. Read part III


Camp Dora Golding Camp Reporter, Week Three

Visiting Day. Rollercoasters. Three-Day Hiking Trip. Baseball. Awesome Counselors. Neighborhood Day. Bowling. Cheering. Chef Yo’s Pizza. Canoeing. Cantata. Roller Skating Trip. Team Spirit. Basketball. Night Activity. Fun. Yaalozu. Singing. Fasting. Magic. Simon Sez. Competitions.


Three Days in the Life of a Kaylie Camper

“Kaylie Kids” got off to an exciting start on Monday, enjoying a day filled with enthralling activities at a camp bursting at the seams with excitement and fun.

Campers arriving from Teaneck, The Five Towns and beyond, were warmly welcomed by their counselors, head staff and an ice cream


Elated Smiles at HASC Visiting Day


Camp Shoshanim Girls Receive Visitors

Many local families enjoyed a beautiful day at Camp Shoshanim’s visiting day. The camp was set up with fun activities for families to enjoy throughout the day, including face painting and mother-daughter softball. A delicious dairy buffet with refreshing ice cream for dessert was provided as well.


Mesorah Welcomes Visiting Day Guests


Yad L’Achim: Tu B’Av in Amuka

For those who haven’t yet merited to find their zivug(match), Amuka isn’t just a place, it’s an extraordinary opportunity to have one’s prayers answered, especially on the auspicious day of Tu B’Av. “There were no better days for the Jewish people than the 15th of Av,” says the Talmud. On this day,

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