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Chesed in Disguise

We have always taken pride in how much goodness manifests itself from our community. Some acts of kindness are publicly known and many others are done in total obscurity. Outside of the Jewish world many have a difficult time understanding why we would become involved in causes that we hardly know about or people who are


FDR and the Jewish Refugee Crisis

Part III of III

In the first two installments we covered the attempts made by the US Government to increase the Jewish immigration without much success; conferences in Evian and Bermuda, which resulted in no improvements; and the effect of Roosevelt’s


Enjoy “Redemption, Then and Now” at Your Seder

Review of Redemption, Then and Now: Pesah Haggada With Essays and Commentary. By Rabbi Benjamin Blech. Hardcover. 318 pages. $24.95. ISBN: 978 1-940516-738

For Passover 2017, the best-selling author of several books on Judaism now shares his insights into Seder night with the


Life on Pause

On Purim morning, after Megilla reading, I needed to purchase a few last-minute items needed for the annual “open house” that we host in our home each Purim afternoon. I noted that there were very few customers in the local kosher store I went to; this was not surprising for Purim morning. Upon entering the store,


The Risk of Traveling With an Undocumented Nanny on Pesach

With Passover on the horizon, many Jewish families elect to spend their time away from home. These “Pesach vacations” add travel to a holiday already filled with numerous chores—getting to be machmir can often require hours of labor. With the added cleaning, travel, food preparation and family commitments, some will rely even


The Ultimate Jewish Wedding Gift: A Kidney and a Life

When it comes to acts of loving-kindness, plenty of rabbis talk a good game. But Rabbi Ari Sytner has put his entire self into the endeavor.

To the rabbi, though they had met a few days earlier in Montefiore Hospital in New York City, where the surgery was scheduled, the person in the


The Miami Marlins to Host Pesach at the Park Featuring 8th Day & the New York Mets

A Fun and Family-Filled Passover Celebration Comes to the Miami Marlins Game Against the New York Mets

When it comes to South Florida Jews coming together, it’s refreshing when there’s an opportunity to do so outside of Shul or political rallies and instead to have fun. Given the importance


Being a Jewish Professional in the Age of the Alt-Right

An Interview with Lavie Margolin, author of “Can I Wear My Kippah on Job Interviews?”

The Jewish community, not unlike the United States as a whole, was and remains sharply divided over the election of Donald J. Trump to the office of president. Regardless of how one feels about


A Washing Machine for Momma

My father had just bought the land and was having the new building put up for his auto body repair shop. It was a dream come true after many years of working under bitter and adverse conditions to make a living here in America.

I recall an “auto radiator repair” business my pa had, where he


Running for Camp HASC

I am not a runner. And yet, last month, on February 19, I ran my second half marathon with Team HASC in Ft. Lauderdale. Not only did I run, but I pushed a jogging stroller for a portion of the 13.1 miles. You might be asking: why does she run?



Finding Inspiration After Purim

We celebrate Purim every year to commemorate the celebration in ancient times, when joy conquered fear and good vanquished evil. The story of Esther and Mordechai, as told in the Book of Esther, takes place over many years. Too often, we skip the dates in the text and miss an important message hiding in plain sight in the final,


From the Desk of an 18-Year-Old Yeshiva Student: How (Not) to Ruin Your Year in Israel

I wasn’t going to write this article because I first thought that the information in it is obvious. What prompted me to write this was seeing people without goals waste their year in yeshiva or end up stuck in the wrong one. Unfortunately, people usually don’t realize this until it’s too late. Here’s how to avoid becoming one of

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