Monday, June 05, 2023


Our Personal Journeys Towards Freedom

Part I

In previous articles we considered the distinction between “liberation” and “freedom.” It is true that the Exodus from Egypt marked our physical liberation from the bonds of slavery; yet our journey towards spiritual and emotional “freedom,” continues until this day. In order


The Cup That Overflows

Those were the days! I can’t help but become nostalgic every time I put my youngest son to sleep. As my children grow, I know the day will soon come when my youngest will no longer want a bedtime story. With a bit of sadness I try to be mindful and continue to cherish these moments, and, yes, with a little bit of guilt


Yesterday’s Vision, Today’s Reality

This morning’s parsha describes for us the great “theophany,” the revelation of God, at Har Sinai, an event witnessed by the entire nation, experienced by millions of people. This morning’s haftarah relates to us the personal “theophany” of the navi Yeshayahu who alone sees the vision of Hashem’s throne and His glory


Matan Torah—Transmitting the Torah to Our Children

Excitement about Torah learning is a goal we all share for our children. We want our children to love learning Torah and to develop a lifelong affinity to talmud Torah. How can we engender this love of learning in our children? Parshat Yitro describes a model of how to transmit the Torah, scripted by Hashem, in order to generate a


Blessed Guests

We have become accustomed over the years to opening our home to guests for short or prolonged stays. It reached the point after many years that we would have the occasion to meet people who would remind us that they stayed at our house, and embarrassingly we would have no memory of them whatsoever. We thought it was novel that our


Active Imagination

Today we bring you some exciting news in the field of exercise. (Yes, the field of exercise. I picture an actual field where people exercise, mostly by plowing and tilling things, whatever that means.) Apparently, according to a study published in the Journal of Neurophysiology, simply imagining that you’re exercising


Worried About Paying for College? Consider a 529

What is a 529?

A 529 is a “qualified tuition plan” authorized by section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. According to the SEC, it’s “a tax-advantaged savings plan designed to encourage saving for future college costs.” In other words, it’s a vehicle used to help


Tips and Tricks to Revitalize Your Resume

Creating a well-crafted resume is important to anyone searching for a job, but it takes patience and preparation to make this document effective. A common mistake is assuming that a well-intentioned resume filled with job-specific information will be enough to gain an interview. In some cases it might be enough, but many


Ten Days in Pinsk: The Experience of a Lifetime

When thinking of places to spend midwinter vacation, the frigid city of Pinsk, Belarus, is generally not the first destination that comes to mind. During these winter months, my family and I typically try to escape to warmer climates. This year, however, I chose a different type of vacation, joining a group of


Defying Birkenau and Auschwitz: A Warm, Sweet, Gentle ‘Poppy’

Editor’s note: This speech was given at the recent levaya of Fort Lee resident Anton Adler z”l, the father of Jewish Link staff member Risa Lefkowitz. Anton, or “Poppy,” was born in 1930, and would have been 87 on March 5. Anton is survived by his loving wife, three children, six grandchildren and a large extended


Gedolei Yisrael Address Launch of New Dirshu Kinyan Chochma Program

This past Sunday, tens of thousands of participants in Dirshu’s learning programs embarked on a new journey as they embraced Dirshu’s newest program, titled “Kinyan Chochma.” Kinyan Chochma is a mussar program wherein a short piece of one of the mussar classics will be learned daily.


Traveling Like a Pro: How the PEYD Team Traveled This Winter Vacation Using Airline Miles and Credit Card Points

PART 1: Married Couple With Young Child—West Coast Trip

Winter break is always a challenging time of year to get hold of affordable airfare and travel packages. Nevertheless, this stood as no deterrent for the PEYD Team in planning their family vacations with members and staff traveling this winter

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