Friday, February 03, 2023


Israeli-Developed TalkITT Gives New Voice to People With Speech Impairments

A little boy with autism says “I love you”–and you understand it. Your grandfather is able to say “congratulations” when you graduate–despite the recent stroke he suffered that impaired his speech. That future is almost the present thanks to new Israeli-developed technology that can extract spoken words from the sounds


The GOP Presidential Wannabes

To a certain extent, running for President of the United States is a glorified popularity contest. As we know, it is not always the best and the brightest who seek to secure the highest political office in the nation. While there are certainly some truly brilliant individuals who excel in the areas of public policy, international affairs,


Activities & Entertainment Guide

{ North Jersey }


Fun Force- see ad on page 61

551 Main Ave

Wallington, NJ 07057


NJ’s newest indoor Roller Skating Rink,

laser tag, bounce house, air blaster arena,

arcade and more….family


Amnesty Day Set for Teaneck Municipal Property

Remember the scoreboard from Votee Park that you “accidentally” took home with you after your kid’s last soccer game? Well, Teaneck wants it back—no questions asked. The township will be running a municipal equipment amnesty period from March 24 until April 15, 2016.

So while you’re doing your


ORA Hopes to Provide Solutions for Agunot

It was reported after the Gulf War that one of the merits responsible for ending a vicious SCUD bombing attack without injuries was an agunah who stepped into the street and declared publicly that she forgave her “husband” for decades of refusal to issue a get,a Halachic writ of divorce (From Our Sealed Rooms,


Lessons From Ferguson

Innocent until proven guilty. As Americans, we are intimately familiar with this fundamental precept of the justice system. We may form opinions as to an individual’s innocence or guilt in any particular case, but until the matter is adjudicated in a court of law, our personal judgments carry virtually no significance. The court of public


Meet Clink! a Tzedakah App for Teens

Jewish Communal Fund (JCF), the leading Jewish donor advised fund in the United States, has announced the debut of Clink! Making Change by Giving , a new app to help teens and tweens discover their very own giving style. Clink! is the perfect app to download this Chanukah as part of an


Top Tips From The Schicker Chef

10. Be sure to take the liver out of your turkey before you slice it – I mean cook it!

9. Hamantashen are not to be filled with cheese—that’s for Shavuos.

8. Black Russians only refer to the name of the drink—not people.



ISIS on the Rise

As he attempts to counteract the characterizations of him as a “lame duck,” President Obama is facing an array of struggles. As the de facto head of the Democratic Party, he suffered an ignominious defeat in the 2014 midterm elections as Democratic candidates across the country were felled by a Republican tsunami that gave the GOP a


CIRM & Israel Collaborate to Advance Stem Cell Research

San Francisco California’s stem cell agency, the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) has reached a cooperation agreement with Israel’s Center for R&D (MATIMOP) to help advance stem cell research and regenerative medicine. The agreement, signed in California on December 5, lays the foundation for


‘Carribean Treif’ Opens at Corner of West Englewood and Queen Anne

Everyone has tried it! From appetizers to guacamole to vegetarian extravaganzas. Finally success has reached the infamous location. Caribbean Treif has opened its doors to the myriads of people looking to whet their palates with something new and different. Hopefully the rush of non-kosher consumers entering their doors will not greatly


Teaneck Girls Collect Stuffed Animals for Bears From Bergenfield

Avigail and Miri Kaplan, residents of Teaneck, collected over 200 stuffed animals to donate to Bears From Bergenfield. They set up collection boxes at their school, RYNJ, and also outside of their house. Additionally, they plan to bring a duffel bag of stuffed animals when they go to Israel in August, to donate to various hospitals

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