Friday, February 03, 2023


Advocating for Israel, Congressman Scott Garrett Runs for Re-Election

Teaneck–This past summer, Congressman Scott Garrett (R-NJ) shared the immense outrage that he heard from his constituents–Jewish and non-Jewish alike–about Hamas’ war with Israel in Gaza.

“Starting with the kidnapping and killing of the three teenagers, and continuing with the


UnGarbled-Tech Migrating off AOL / ISP emails to Gmail Vol 23

Please excuse me if this article is insulting to our old friend AOL. It wasn’t too long ago when all of us were staying online all night long trying to get those beloved access numbers over the POTS line (Plain Old Telephone System). But after years of paying $25 a month for AOL pre- broadband, AOL has kind of let its product go. Over


I’m the Man!

There’s no doubt that I am the most important person in the world these days. You need to know about me. So, really I’m telling you about myself for your own good! So pay attention well!

I started off from very humble beginnings, but I was determined to make something of myself, and I wasn’t going


Reaching New Heights With Tour de Simcha 2016

It was a finish line like no other. The Camp Simcha Special campers were lined up and waiting patiently, dressed festively in pink with dedicated counselors by their sides. The temperature rose and the excitement increased by the second as volunteers, family members and guests awaited the


Fighting to the Finish in the Fifth

The race in New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District has surprisingly become one of the more closely watched races in the nation. No one thought that this district would be as competitive as it has–that is, no one except Roy Cho.

A 33-year-old first time candidate, Roy Cho, a Hackensack


Shabbos App – No Joke, and the Rabbis Are Not Laughing

Texting on Shabbos!

Rabbis have been arguing, writing, blogging, and preaching from the pulpit on this topic since the Shabbos App was first announced.

According to the developers, YidTec, Inc., which is really a division of The Company Corporation,


Important Shailos to Ask Local Rabbis

1. If I send my children to Ben Porat Yosef, can I eat rice on Pesach?

2. If I don’t like going to school dinners, do I have any choice but to send my children to Yeshivat He’Atid?

3. If someone in my shul donates a kidney, do we say tachanun that day?


Linda Stock Offers ‘Reading for Life’

Some of us remember curling up on the living room couch with a pile of library books that would keep our imaginations soaring throughout the long, summer, Shabbat afternoons. A vision of the past or a potential for the future?

Experienced educator Linda Stock has as her goal the


Jim Tedesco Runs for County Executive

Jim Tedesco has been busy this past year, serving on the Freeholder Board and as a candidate for Bergen County Executive. The last time he got a full night of sleep: “February,” he said in a phone interview. But with just a few days to go until the November 4th election, Tedesco shows no signs of slowing down. “It’s time


Building a Website: Part 2

Just as a caveat, a two-week column may not suffice to address every angle of building a website or the costs involved. Feel free to email [email protected] with any questions you might have.

At the Garb Consulting Group we made the move to merge with a larger web development company named


Purim ‘Soared’ Early Into Livingston

Members of Synagogue of the Suburban Torah Center (SSTC) in Livingston enjoyed a “flighty” pre-Purim treat over the past two weeks. The Flight of the Flamingo Project Purim Prank flew through the town, as one shul member after another discovered the “family” of flamingos that came home to roost in their grass.


Preparing for a Gap Year in Israel

While recent high school grads are enjoying their summer in camp, relaxing or touring, moms and dads are certainly thinking ahead to when in a few short weeks their children will be leaving home for the first time. Stores and catalogues are full of suggested college-dorm accessories to provide the incoming students with some of the

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