Wednesday, September 28, 2022


We Judge With Our Eyes

I am on vacation and not even on American soil. It is a vastly different milieu in almost every respect. I find myself continuously comparing, contrasting, judging and labeling people. Of course, this continuous chatter is only in my head. I don’t share it with anyone, God forbid.

But isn’t that what


Tax Tips: The Accounting Industry’s Refusal to Leave the 80s

I remember walking into a doctor’s office a couple of years ago. The furniture in the waiting room was outdated, the carpet looked as if it hadn’t been replaced in 30 years; even the woman behind the counter looked like she was stuck in 1985. I stood there pondering whether I accidentally discovered time travel. I had to turn on the TV


Camp Kaylie at OHEL Connects to Israel

Israel came to camp on Monday – quite literally.

From IDF training to inspirational videos, campers experienced the history, kedusha and culture of Israel firsthand, gaining a greater appreciation for the Jewish state.

During breakfast, campers


Chukat: The Busted Rabbi

Officer Danny Seidel sat in his squad car looking at the computer screen in front of him. In all of his duties as an Englewood policeman, this was one of his least favorite. He ran the plates on the 2008 Toyota Avalon that he had pulled over on Tenafly Road (New Jersey, VWV541), but he already knew what he was going to find. It was clean.


A Beautiful Discussion at Shaarei Orah About Water Hallot

On Thursday evening, June 18, between Minha and Arvit a rich and beautiful Halachic discussion took place. I mentioned the Halacha Yomit of that day presenting the ruling of Maran Hacham Ovadia Yosef to follow the ruling of Maran the Beit Yosef to recite Borei Minei Mezonot on Hallah needed in fruit juice and/or eggs (Shulhan Aruch


What’s Behind Your Mask?

Everyone wears a mask. I am not talking about those mud masks or fat-sucking face masks. Though I have never experienced the joys of having a facial (because, frankly, that stuff creeps me out) I can imagine that there are other types of masks that could be confused for the one I speak of. I am referring to the one we put on every


Gone With the Wind

Welcome once again to “You’re Asking Me?”—the column where people blindside me with questions, and I have to answer them, even though, oftentimes, answering questions only leads to morequestions. Especially the way Ido it.

This month, in honor of the summer, we’re


Life Is for the Birds

With the radical change of weather in the past few weeks we have had the opportunity to sit on our back deck and watch the birds which are being nourished each day by our bird feeder. The scurrying of activity is fascinating. Red, brown, blue and black, they push each other over in order to get their chance to have a peck. The enemy seems


The Presidential Race Heats Up!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, citizens of these United States of America… I have an announcement. I have come to the realization that a malaise has been plaguing our dear country, a malaise of turmoil and taxation and broken healthcare websites. I believe that we as citizens have a job—nay, have a duty—to fix our


New ‘Inside Out’ Film Features Quirky Animation, Charming Pre-Teen

Pixar’s newest animated movie, Inside Out, hit theaters on June 19. If packed theaters, quirky animation, and the allure of seeing movies in Imax 3D haven’t convinced you to see this movie, I hope this review does.

Inside Outbegins by taking viewers inside the mind of


A Teacher’s Creed

[This drash was scheduled to be delivered on Shabbat at CAJE26, in Fort Collins, CO at Colorado State University. Due to the birth of Chana Elke bat Ari Zvi, the author’s granddaughter, it was not presented at CAJE. It is being presented here in print in honor of her graduation from Yavneh Academy.*]


Mindfulness in the Classroom

Mindfulness is getting a lot of attention these days. We read about it in our newspapers and our magazines. We hear how celebrities, professional athletes, corporate executives and even politicians are embracing the age-old art and science of mindfulness. Universities are teaching it and scientists are researching it. But while

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