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New Year’s Resolution: Ask Someone Else to Get You in Shape

The biggest challenge to keeping a resolution is: the change is up to us. We have to stop smoking, start exercising, and change our habits. Yet the reason we are making a resolution in the first place is that we haven’t been able to get ourselves to perform according to our own aspirations. It would be so much easier if someone else could


Connection and Commitment

While visiting Italy last week, my wife and I attended the Florence Jewish community’s memorial service for Dan Uzan, the Jewish man who was slain outside a synagogue in Copenhagen, Denmark. Two weeks earlier, soon after returning home from a week of meetings in England, I was informed that a kosher restaurant in London that we had


Friendship Circle Teens Celebrate Purim

Photos: Friendship Circle’s annual Teen Scene Purim party was held at the Frisch School. The Friendship Circle is grateful to Frisch and to the amazing volunteers who helped make it such a success.


Tax Tips: The Taxable Tax Refund

A quick Google search reveals the origin of the derogatory term “Indian giver.” There are various theories of its origin, but one such claim is from author David Wilton in his 2004 book, Word Myths: Debunking Linguistic Urban Legends. He claims that its origin was the result of a misunderstanding of Native American’s


The ‘New’ SAT

A biology class at Central High School predicted that a local population of animals will double in size every 12 years. The population at the beginning of 2014 was estimated to be 50 animals. If P represents the population nyears after 2014, then which of the following equations represents the class’s model of the population over time?



R’Chaim Kanievsky Issues Psak Regarding Dirshu Siyyum on Mishnah Berurah

Can one make a siyum on the Mishnah Berurah? Does one recite a Hadran on such a siyyum? What about Kaddish? These were the questions recently posed by the senior members of Dirshu’s hanhala to Rav Chaim Kanievsky, as the siyyum of the first Machzor of Daf HaYomi B’Halacha is just around the corner.


Tetzaveh/Zachor 5775

Maimonides codifies just six things Jews should try to remember constantly. One we focus on this week, Shabbos Zachor, as we are cajoled to always remember Amalek, and the evil they did.

Often as not, we remember people for what they fought against. What we as a nation and community remember says much about our values. Remembering Amalek reminds us it is a


Seemingly Harmful Pictures

The astonishing and disturbing news from Lakewood about a group of teenagers, including a daughter of a State Trooper, sent out antisemitic tweets showing themselves dressed as Nazis or threatening Jews in the neighborhood. One picture, for instance, showed a girl with a doll wearing a swastika and was captioned “Adolfa hitler [sic]


Tetzaveh: You Know Who

People say I’m paranoid, but I’m not. I’m just perceptive. I notice things that other people miss. Then I combine what I notice with other things that I’ve noticed, and the next thing you know I have a theory. Call it a conspiracy theory if it makes you happy. I just think I’m more observant than most. And just


The OU Answers Top Purim Questions for 2015

The Purim questions below were answered by Rabbi Eli Gersten, rabbinic coordinator and halachic recorder for OU Kosher. The responses were reviewed by Rabbi Yaakov Luban, OU Kosher executive rabbinic coordinator. Rabbi Moshe Zywica, OU Kosher executive rabbinic coordinator, supervises the OU Consumer Relations Department. They are the most frequently asked


Purim, Partying, and Parameters

The holiday of Purim celebrates one of the happiest times in Jewish history. With the destruction of the first Beit Hamikdash and all of its desolation, the salvation of the Jews during the times of King Achashveirosh was a holiday of renewal. The rescinding of the decrees of Haman set the stage for the completion of the


Bergen County Purim Happenings

Kaplen JCC.A Bergen County Purim isn’t complete without the Rubach Family Purim Carnival at Kaplen JCC on the Palisades in Tenafly, which will occur on Sunday, March 1, from 1-4 p.m. Bring children in costumes where they can enjoy train rides, inflatables, crafts, games and prizes, character visits, cotton candy

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