Wednesday, October 05, 2022


The ‘New’ SAT

In my first two articles, I highlighted some of the changes to the Math portion of the new SAT, along with some sample problems. I have given this third article over to my Verbal co-teacher, Ann Brodsky, who has been with me for over 10 years and who will analyze the “new” Verbal section.


Hidden Truths

On September 11, 1978, the Bulgarian Secret Police, assisted by the KGB, murdered


Winter Be Gone...Poof!

I found it so strange that I got a summons sent to me by the town. Apparently, you are not allowed to build an igloo and then take up residence in it. I explained to the overly helpful people on the zoning board that it is not a permanent structure, it does not take up the coverage of land percentage, that it does have running


Walking the Tightrope of Life

Many of us struggle to achieve and maintain proper balance in our lives. We seek to succeed in the work arena while simultaneously being there for our families and loved ones. We have a strong sense of community and want to give back to those around us while also ensuring that we attend to our health/emotional/spiritual needs on a regular


Friendships: Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em (or Fix ‘Em)

Dear Shuli,

I have a good friend who I have been friends with for many years. Over the past year or so, she’s been through a lot. She and her husband have separated and probably due to that, her son is now acting out and having a lot of trouble in school and socially. Every time we talk,


A Chat With the Maestro

He has performed for kings, queens and presidents. Over the decades he has racked up Grammy awards, Emmys and countless international accolades. Twenty years ago, he had already earned honorary degrees from Harvard, Yale, Brandeis and Yeshiva Universities.

When you watch Itzhak Perlman joyously


The Grand Old Lady of Off-Broadway Celebrates 100 Years and Counting

The 100-year-old National Yiddishe Theatre-Folksbiene has roots going deep into the 19 thcentury—reaching back across the Atlantic from the Yiddish theaters of Eastern Europe to New York’s Lower East Side. In Europe, actors traipsed from country to country, from city to shtetl, to tell their


The Case for Yiddish

I grew up in a mixed marriage. My mother came from a religious Zionist home and my father from a secularist Bundist family. I spoke Yiddish with my father and learned Hebrew at school; my family kept Shabbes and kosher, and still attended klezmer and Yiddish folk arts festivals. Camp Ramah, KlezKamp, Young Israel synagogues and a


Integration Into Our Communities

Being a Jew in a modern community such as Teaneck or Fair Lawn or Livingston puts you in a unique but divisive position. On one hand, it’s important for you to be a part of your Jewish community—whether being a shul member, going to simchas and events, or just joining in with other People of the Book. On the other hand, there’s the


Women’s History Month: Eleanor and Esther

In a time where the role of women in society was restricting, Eleanor Roosevelt chose not to conform to conventional standards and went on to become one of the greatest political and moral leaders of her time.

Eleanor Roosevelt, daughter of the beautiful debutante Rebecca Hall and


License to Smile

I think that there’s something that we all have in common: We don’t like how we look in license photos. In fact, I think they take a horrible picture in the first place so that we’ll be embarrassed to get pulled over. And it’s even worse now that New Jersey no longer allows smiling on licenses. Apparently, it’s because some


Full Circle in the Art World

“Jewish Life Cycles: Rites of Passage and Milestones” a Partnership2Gether project from the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey will be exhibited at the Belskie Museum of Art & Science. Sheryl Intrator Urman is curating the

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