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Edison Couple Exemplifies Unique International Roots and Courtship

The story of how Dahlyt and Moshe Kase-Berezinbahr first met, dated, and ultimately settled in Edison’s Jewish community is likely one of the more unusual Jewish community stories that you’ll read.

To get a sense of how this family began, let’s start with


The Abayudaya Community in Uganda

As described in “The Abayudaya: Judaism Emerging/A Spiritual Journey into Africa,” by Menachem Kuchar (published by Hadar Rimon Gallery, Jerusalem, 2017), the story of Judaism in Uganda started with Semei Lwakirenzi Kakungula, a son of one of the clan chiefs in Buganda, the largest of four kingdoms in what is now Uganda. Kakungula, born


Some Interesting Cases in Automobile Accident Law

Ordinarily, the issues in an injury case in New York State are straightforward: 1) negligence of the party being sued, 2) what percentage of fault will the jury attribute to the party bringing the suit, and 3) the monetary value of the injuries. (The amount of the underlying liability insurance coverage is also critical, even though that


Things Are Looking Up

Inflation is so bad these days it’s not even funny. It’s so bad that I’m putting aside my humor column this week to discuss it, but not in a way that is actually informative enough that you can’t read this on Shabbat.

Writer’s qualification to write an article on finance:


Jewish Link Memes of the Week

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Cloudy With a Chance of Ice Cream

Class 5A was soooo close to earning an ice cream party. And not just any ice cream party, but an all-day, all-you-can-eat, record-breaking, super-sundae-with-all-the-toppings ice cream party. Yes, thanks to Sammy Bender, whose parents owned and operated Minnie and Moses Ice Cream, 5A was primed for the party of their lives.


Jewish Link Monthly Kids ART Contest

Congratulations to our winners! Congratulations to our winners! Shai, Aviva & Dahlia and Daniella, email [email protected]to claim your Sender's gift card!

Thank you to everyone who


The PA and Fatah Are Behind the Current Terror Wave

‘Ramadan is not a month of laziness but rather … a month of jihad, conquest and victory,’ said the P.A.’s Supreme Shari’a judge on the first day of Ramadan.

Make no mistake: The current terror wave in Israel, in which as of the time of writing four terrorists have murdered 14


Jewish Home Family Receives National Jewish Programming Innovation Award

(Courtesy of The Jewish Home) The Jewish Home Family, the nonprofit organization that operates the Jewish Home at Rockleigh, Jewish Home Assisted Living (JHAL) in River Vale and Jewish Home at Home throughout North Jersey, received an award for its innovative Jewish programming at the recent conference of the Association for Jewish


The Divided Sea: Natural or Supernatural?

The splitting of the Red Sea is engraved in Jewish memory. We recite it daily during the morning service, at the transition from the Verses of Praise to the beginning of communal prayer. We speak of it again after the Shema, just before the Amidah. It was the supreme miracle of the exodus. But in what sense?


Classic and New Reasons for the Chametz Prohibition

We devote much energy and time to eliminating chametz from our homes in preparation for Pesach. Three classic commentaries—Chazal, the Rambam and the Netziv—offer magnificent explanations.


Rambam: Destroying Avoda


Revolution or Revelation? Examining Rabbi Sacks’ Perspective on Pesach

On this night we were chosen to inspire the world to monotheism and to moral conscience. Pesach is our Independence Day, the genesis of our nation, and the launch of our historic mission.

Sadly, during our long and bleak exile, this mission was suppressed. Exile banished us to the margins of

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