Wednesday, January 27, 2021


Hypochondriasis: A Thousand Blows

Ah, yes! How sad are many of life’s truisms, especially those dealing with an individual’s limited life span and the many illnesses and severe medical conditions that may afflict him or her during that brief time. Between real and imagined ills, it’s enough to make one sick!


Four Communication Styles Couples Should Avoid

Dr. John Gottman is considered one of the fathers of couples therapy. He was one of the first psychologists to do research on marital stability and divorce prediction. He wanted to see if there were patterns of behavior or sequences of interactions that can discriminate between a happy couple and an unhappy one.

Dr. Gottman used a scientific and data-driven


How Can I Date When I Am Overweight?

Dear Dr. Chani,

Dating is so superficial, and it works against me specifically because I am overweight. I have been dating for 20 years. There seems to be no hope for me. I just dated a guy on and off for two years, and, in the end, he was pretty clear that he would not marry me because of my weight. As


Virtually Explore the Jewish Immigrant Experience

Sharing memories with our children and grandchildren allows them to get to know us in a very special way. But sometimes we are met with “Oh no, not the olden days.” Luckily, in this time of COVID, we can virtually visit interesting places designed to ignite their curiosity and excitement about those very times.


Radical Housewives: 20th-Century Jewish Women’s Activism on the Lower East Side and Beyond

The Real Housewives franchise may celebrate affluent women in various regions throughout the United States, but it’s a safe bet none of them ever led a fight for fair working conditions on the Lower East Side, including protesting soaring prices of food or unfair rents. For that, it took Jewish women, most of them housewives and mothers,


In Over Your Head

Welcome back to “How Should I Know?”—the column that attempts to answer age-old questions such as:

Dear Mordechai,

Why do some shuls give gelilah to kids?

– JP

Dear J,


Private Pods

As a result of COVID, many restaurants have installed plastic pods outside so that diners can hopefully eat in relative safety. One benefit of these pods, which look like transparent igloos, is that they allow semi-private conversations. They are only semi-private because those dining in these mini-bubbles remain in public view, like items


Hashem’s Plan?

“How are you, Mister Kutchers?” “Baruch Hashem, thank you!” “How‘s the new limo, Mister Kutchers?” “Baruch Hashem, thank you!” “Did you get your daughter into the class you wanted?” “Baruch Hashem, the principal accepted our request!” Harry Kutchers was known for being many things: a successful businessman, the


Down With Dairy

Dear Shayna B.,

I love your column and I read it every week! It always helps me get through my problems by reading your advice.

I have been lactose intolerant since third grade and it’s really hard for me when my friends eat dairy and I can’t have it. I know I’m really lucky that all I’m allergic to is dairy, but sometimes it’s really hard and


We Each Have a Purpose: A Parents’ Story

We are blessed to have a beautiful family, with six wonderful children. Four of them have special needs.

A story we heard long ago about the Netziv, Rav Naftali Zvi Yehuda Berlin, has framed our perspective and given us the ability to feel truly blessed. At a siyum upon


Making Sense of Pidyon HaBen

A Bewildering Mitzvah

A pidyon haben is a joyous and pain-free occasion. All agree that we recite Shehechiyanu on this special occasion. However, many find this mitzvah to be exceedingly bewildering. Does the kohen own the baby? Does the father purchase his baby from the kohen?


Making Two Sticks Into One

Parshat Vayigash

Few are those familiar with the Tanach who are not acquainted with Yechezkel’s vision of the valley of the dry bones. The 37th perek of Sefer Yechezkel paints a magnificent picture of a nation that believed that they are nothing more than dry bones, that they are doomed in the exile