Monday, April 19, 2021


An Aliyah Dream Fulfilled

Highlighting: ‘Because It’s Israel: An Aliyah Odyssey’ by Arthur Miller. 2019. English. Paperback. 194 pages. JSP. ISBN:

When young law student Arthur Miller books a trip to Israel for himself and his new wife, Ronnie, in the aftermath of the


Stories of Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Grossman of Migdal Haemek

Excerpting: ‘Living Legend: Rabbi Grossman of Migdal Haemek’ by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer. Artscroll Mesorah Publications. 2021. English. Hardcover. 484 pages. ISBN #: 9781422628089.

(Courtesy of Artscroll) As millions of viewers watched, the rabbi with the shining


Q&A With Ohel’s Tzivy Reiter Discussing ‘My COVID-19 Resilience Workbook’

(Courtesy of Ohel)

What are some of the top skills and/or benefits children will gain from the ‘My COVID-19 Resilience Workbook’?

Children now feel empowered to express themselves, which creates opportunities to acknowledge and


Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg Pens ‘The Superhero Haggadah’

Highlighting: “The Superhero Haggadah” by Moshe Rosenberg. BSD Books. 2021. Hebrew and English. Paperback. 164 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0998815145.

Looking to add a bit more “out of this world” flavor to your second COVID-impacted Seder? Simply click on the


Torah Giants From Different Generations Speak to Our Generation

Highlighting: ‘The Chasam Sofer Haggadah’ by Rabbi Yisroel Besser. ArtScroll Mesorah Publications. 2021. English. ISBN-13: 978-1422628027.

Highlighting: ‘The Novominsk Haggadah’ by Rabbi Yecheskel Ostreicher. Mesorah. 2021. English. ISBN-13:


Accept No Substitutes!

Highlighting: ‘Operation Sink the Sub’ by M. C. Millman. Tfutza Publications. 2020. English. Hardcover. 240 pages. ISBN: 978-1600918193

“Operation Sink the Sub” is another highly entertaining novel written by M.C. Millman, the author of ”Secret Summer,” “Good as


‘Writing for All the Wrong Reasons’ Is a Powerful Journal in Poetry

Highlighting: ‘Writing for All the Wrong Reasons’ by Liat Silver. Full Court Press. 2020. English. Paperback. 94 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1946989734.

“Writing for all the Wrong Reasons” is an illuminating and sobering look into the world of mental health struggles


Short, Meaningful Parsha Insights

Reviewing: ‘Shalom Rav: Insights on the Weekly Parasha’ (Vayikra /Bemidbar/ Devarim) by Rabbi Shalom Rosner. Maggid Books. 2021. English. 536 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1592645510.

As I was reading through ”Shalom Rav: Insights on the Weekly Parasha (Vayikra /Bemidbar/


Book Meshuggenahs Chai-Ku Contest Kicks Off

(Courtesy of The Book Meshuggenahs) April is National Poetry Month. April 17 is International Haiku Poetry Day. Haiku poems are usually written in three lines. The first line contains five syllables. The second line has seven and the third has five—so 17 syllables in all. But they can be shorter. Content is more important than syllable


How Do We Build Self-Esteem?

On a warm spring day in 2012, an English teacher in Wellesley, Massachusetts, rose to deliver a commencement address to the 338 soon-to-be graduates of Wellesley High School. Since then, a recording of the address went viral online; the speech was published in Time magazine; and its author, David McCullough Jr., has gone on to write a book


One Year Later: Finding Hope in a COVID Simcha

My first wedding. In over six months. Second in a year. Two SAR graduates. During our “anniversary week.”

A little more than a year ago, on March 3, 2020, we closed the school for what became the rest of the year. At the time, people thought it was an “SAR, New Rochelle” thing. It took a


My Shehechiyanu Weekend

Being of a certain age, my wife, Ellen, and I are fortunate to have already received our COVID-19 vaccines and waited for full effectiveness, and we are now among the “fully vaccinated” (thank you, Holy Name Medical Center, Township of Teaneck and the Rodda Center). That, coupled with new CDC guidance on permitted interactions for the