Thursday, February 02, 2023


Metrowest JCC First JFit Challenge a Huge Success

West Orange—Metrowest JCC’s first ever JFIT Challenge has come to a close. JFit, a 10-week weight loss competition featuring seven teams and 55 members, was a tremendous success for all participants. The winners, both team and individual, were presented with their awards on Sunday, March 15. The winning team lost a


The “New” SAT

This is the last of four articles on this topic.

Over the past 18 years that I have prepared students for the SAT; I have developed an extensive relationship with many of the top SAT tutors both in this area as well as across the US. It has enabled me to share in the release of all the current


To Test or Not to Test...

How do we measure student progress? How do we measure effective teaching? How do we calculate a student’s commitment to Jewish values? How do we grade davening or positive attitudes toward Judaism? How accurate are report card grades? Do they measure ability to think and reason or just memorization skills?


Ohel's Sib-Atone Supports Girls Who Have Special Needs Siblings

The Sibshops Sibatone, a weekend retreat exclusively for teen girls who have a sibling with a disability, took place this year in Lakewood.  All of the teen girls, plus a group of incredible and dedicated facilitators, stayed together in the Bnos Chaim Seminary dorm for a Shabbos of fun, inspiration, camaraderie and relaxation.


Israeli Elections and the Status Quo

I’ve written before about my love for Israel, my relationship with the Holy Land, and my feelings towards some of what happens there. I’ve always stood on the side of Israel and what it stands for. And what I’m writing now is no different in that respect…even if it’s a bit different in other ways. For once I am not holding up


5 Ways to Advertise Smarter (and Look Better)

When it comes to advertising, of all the metrics out there to measure your spend, such as CPC, GRP, CPM, ROAS, and ROI, no metric is as valuable as getting calls, seeing in-store traffic and seeing email inquiries from your advertising. Those are tangible results. Media can get you the audience and stats but how can you ensure you’re


Maestro Itzhak Perlman Stars at Carnegie Hall

Sanford I. Weill and Jordan Roth Honored

New York—Defying critics, skeptics and nay-sayers, the thriving, vibrant, always “on,” Drama-Desk Award-winning National Yiddish Theatre-Folksbiene (NYTF) continues the celebration of its 100 thyear with a gala concert at Carnegie


Divided Israel Goes to Polls Tuesday

JERUSALEM—As election fever begins to hit the United States in preparations for next November, things have already reached a climax here in Israel as locals prepare to enter the polls on Tuesday to elect their 20th Knesset. Ever since elections were hastily declared when the government fell apart in November, candidates and


Achva East 2015: Kosher Summer Fun for Eighth Graders

Achva has been running summer travel programs for Modern Orthodox teenagers for 35 years. Thousands of teenagers have participated and come back with rave reviews for Young Israel’s Achva East program. While not as well-known as its bigger siblings, Achva West or Achva Israel, Achva East offers girls and boys finishing eighth


The Power of Silence

This time of year tends to be difficult for me. It reminds me of a dark period in my life. Seventeen years ago, four days before Pesach, I awoke in the morning, went into my parents’ bedroom, and found that my mother had suddenly left this world in the middle of the night. My father had been away on a business trip, my brother and his


Englewood’s ‘Elegant, Integral’ East Hill Synagogue

The East Hill Synagogue looks right at home in its Englewood neighborhood, with an elegant Victorian design and a neatly landscaped playground for children. Now an integral part of the community, East Hill began about 15 years ago as an inclement weather minyan for the members of Congregation Ahavath Torah who lived on the


Pikudei: The Choshen People

It all started during the weekly Torah reading.

The first mention of the Choshen Mishpat, the breastplate that the kohen gadol, the High Priest, wears with his priestly garments, may have been during parshat Tetzaveh, but the idea for the art project only came to Naomi Bareket a week later, when

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