Wednesday, July 28, 2021


#Myorthodoxlife Is About Respect

#Myorthodoxlife is … Orthodox. At least, it’s what I strive for it to be.

Many posts I see are about women glorifying our accomplishments in the world, to show everyone that just because we are Orthodox, we can still do everything anyone else can, with the fringe benefit of being religious.

This is good. Great, even. Because truth be told, we


Do We All Scream for Ice Cream?

For now, at least, there will be no Chunky Monkey or The Tonight Dough ice cream at the Morrison home.

Ben & Jerry’s is out of the freezer.

One can live without ice cream. But perhaps the varied responses among our people to the maker of Cherry Garcia’s


Say Goodnight to ‘The Tonight Dough’

From Monday’s news it appears that Ben and Jerry have now drunk the “Self-Hating Juice”-flavored Kool-Aid and gone potty. I suppose they spent so much time with cows, they forgot to think like free men and women. I should take that back; cows are naturally hungry but one can’t accuse an animal of greediness. An industrial


Lessons From Shiva

I recently lost my father, and was so comforted by the whole shiva process. I’ve paid many shiva visits, but this is the first time I was sitting shiva myself. I had some insights I wanted to share:

Don’t be afraid to pay a shiva visit and not know what to say. Sitting shiva was exhausting


The Meaning Behind Friendship Circle

The Friendship Circle of Fairfield County is a nonprofit organization that helps children with special needs and families. However, there is so much more to this organization. “The Friendship Circle of Fairfield County was founded on the idea that within each person is a soul, regardless of any limitations that may


How Children Learn Effectively

There are as many theories of effective education as there are graduate education faculty at universities. Some researchers publish their findings while others are content to promulgate their theories in the classroom. Every so often research from related fields such as neurology, psychology or sociology contribute to this inquiry.


The Best Job in the World

I still have the best job in the world.

A few months ago, I was privileged to share with you in this space some of the ways Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey supports the entire Jewish community. I promised to explore how the Federation specifically helps the Orthodox Jewish community in


Five Must-Read Tips Before Applying to Sem

It’s the summer preceding your senior year in high school. Finally, you and your friends can relax a bit knowing that you’ll rule the school. It will be your last year in high school: It’s time to make it count.

Nothing will get in the way of your suave demeanor as you swagger through the hallways


Turning Tisha B’Av Into a Day of Gratitude

There are many different coping mechanisms that people use to manage their mental illnesses. One that I have been using recently, which has been successful, is keeping a gratitude journal. Every so often I write down things, events or people I am thankful for in my life. It helps me focus on the positives in my life and gives me


Yachad Enjoys Chickies at ‘Summer Grub’ Program

The Yachad Center eats out in its new Wednesday summer program, “Summer Grub!” Every week, Yachad members have a chance to explore all the great restaurants Teaneck has to offer while learning about healthy eating habits. The program includes dinner, discussions about finding a balanced and healthy meal no matter the menu and


Five Minutes Can Help Save Judy’s Life: Get Swabbed!

Judy Fine-Edelstein, a mother, wife, doctor and friend, needs you to join the Gift of Life registry. Judy was diagnosed with AML, which is an aggressive form of leukemia, a little more than a year ago. At this point in her treatment, she needs a stem cell transplant, which requires a match. There will be swab drives set up in her name as


Surprise School Supplies

Do you love the thrill of having fresh, brand new school supplies? Collecting bright, colorful markers, smooth new folders and sheets of crisp paper builds excitement for a new school year and brings students the hope of a promising, successful school experience. Unfortunately, there are many children who never get to experience

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