Friday, May 20, 2022


The Early Years of Menachem Begin

I am going to share some insights from the 2014 book by Daniel Gordis: “Menachem Begin: The Battle for Israel’s Soul.”

As we all know, Begin became Prime Minister in 1977, after being in the opposition for 28 years. He met with President Carter and Anwar Sadat at Camp David for 13 days in


Where Did the Ashkenazim Come From?

Part I

In 2013, an Israeli geneticist named Eran Elhaik published a bombshell article in the Genome Biology and Evolution Journal (published by Oxford University Press) that essentially sought to prove that the origin of Eastern European Ashkenazi Jewry lies in a group of


Lost and Found

This is a story for anyone who has ever misplaced or lost something.

During the height of COVID, I couldn’t find my wedding band. I looked everywhere and eventually accepted the fact that it was lost. I hypothesized it had slipped off my finger during intense hand washing. A couple of months


Jewish Leaders and Activists Convene in DC to Combat Antisemitism

(Courtesy of Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ and Jewish Federation of MetroWest) At a moment marked by unprecedented levels of antisemitism, leaders from across North America joined with hundreds of other advocates around the country in Washington, DC for the Jewish Federations of North America’s Washington


Why I Advocate Loudly And Proudly for Israel

I believe that we are living in unprecedented times for the Jewish People.

In the shadow of a day which was set aside to memorialize the worst crime against humanity in recent history, this week, Jews around the world turned that solemn, somber atmosphere into one of joy and jubilation.


Rutgers University Students Say They Feel ‘Safe and Protected’ on Campus

“Throughout my four years at Rutgers I have felt very comfortable and safe being outwardly Jewish,” said Samuel Iofel, a recent graduate and most recent president of Hillel.

The genetics major from Fort Lee is Orthodox and wore a kippah on campus. He noted that as Hillel president he was in a visible


Lawmakers Fear Nonprofit Security Grants Favor ‘Socially’ Vulnerable Communities

CDC’s ‘social vulnerability index’ is added to Homeland Security/FEMA grant applications.
Under the new rules, Pittsburgh, Poway and Colleyville would have been unlikely to receive grants.

Synagogues and schools that fear terrorist attacks in New York and


Behind the Scenes at Radio 181, the Property ‘Reaching New Heights’

Since 1969, one of the most noticeable and recognizable buildings in Washington Heights has been Belfer Hall, Yeshiva University’s 18-story building. That is, until the construction of Radio 181, a development towering at 23 stories high and boasting an eye-catching, colorful facade that can be seen from miles away. YU


Workplace Tips for Employers and Employees

Part II

I am sure you hear a lot of feedback from employers and employees about their work relationships and come across common mistakes that they both make.

Can you share with our readers some tips and common mistakes to avoid?


Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon Offers Insider View of the UN in New Book

While the well known aphorism states that the only certainties in life are death and taxes, members of the Jewish community can count on one more certainty—that the United Nations seems to regularly devote disproportionate and distorted attention to Israel and its efforts at legitimate self-defense.


New Children’s Book Puts the Fun (and Mitzvah) Into Cleaning

Reviewing: “Jensen Cleans His Room” by Coby Greif. Mill City Press, Inc. 2022. English. Paperback. 34 pages. ISBN-13:

Coby Greif loves to clean. So much so that he just published a book about his passion, featuring catchy rhymes and colorful


Like Golden Apples Encased in Silver: New Insights From the Book of Ruth

Reviewing: “Megillat Ruth: From Chaos to Kingship,” by Rabbi Chaim Jachter. Kol Torah Publications, ISBN 9798824532852, 168 pages; 2022.

It is always a special kavod to be asked to review a book, to be among the first granted the honor of cracking open a new edition

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