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The Sigd: An Ethiopian Jewish Tradition Comes to Life in Israel

Jerusalem—Until the middle of the 20th century, the Jews of Ethiopia lived in almost complete isolation from other Jewish communities across the globe, preserving and developing distinctive religious traditions not found in the rest of Jewry. In the 1980s they began leaving Africa for Israel in the thousands, and at present almost none remain in


Jewish Life At West Point

While Jewish contributions to America in science, medicine, politics and particularly arts and entertainment are colossal, there is one area where the Jewish role may be overlooked: the military.

Jews have fought in all of America’s wars, crossing the Delaware with George Washington and at Valley Forge, storming Normandy and Iwo Jima in WWII and


Lemon Sole Dijonaise

During the busy holiday week, it’s helpful to serve a dish that can be prepped in advance. This recipe for lemon sole is one of my favorites. It has great flavor and texture, and can tempt even those who are not fish aficionados. Serve with the following recipe for brown rice and seasonal sautéed zucchini. And with only two pots to clean, you’ll enjoy



and some Yemenite influences from Rayzel Yaish

As a child on Rosh Hashanah in my home, we ate pomegranate and new fruit as is customary to symbolize our wishes for the upcoming year. However, as my husband and I began developing our own family customs, we were drawn to the idea of eating symbolic foods that express our hopes and aspirations for the


Out of Town Girl

When I first came to Stern College in New York so many years ago, I felt like an alien who just landed from Planet Pennsylvania. Thank goodness I wasn’t alone. There were kids from all over the country: Missouri, Ohio, Maryland, Washington and Florida. Most of us “out-of-towners” gravitated to one another, and then stuck together like glue—for dear life. Yes,



Esther put down the receiver. This time she refused to let her mother make her feel guilty. Why couldn’t her parents understand how stressed out she was, how painful it was for her to send her oldest child away for an entire year! Whose crazy idea was this,she thought for the millionth time , who had decided that it was a good idea to send a child off,



For the past 20 years, since our children were in school full-time, Nina has been a travel agent. She noticed that people in Montreal would never check other sources to see where they could get special deals on flights and hotels and as an avid reader of the NY Times from the day we left the States she would be amazed at the significant differences in prices vis-a-vis


Total Lift Bed Puts Patients In A Standing Position

Invented in Israel, the hospital-grade bed can elevate a patient
from a lying to a fully standing position—and all points in between.

Israel 21C—The Israeli-innovated Total Lift Bed is a simple but revolutionary solution that could set a new standard of care in hospitals and rehabilitation centers worldwide.

Made by


Formula One Race A Part Of Acceleration For Israeli Motorsports

There is something different about taking a ride from Shlomi Bakish. Not only can he get from Haifa to Tel Aviv in half the time, but passengers also don’t feel the road. The car accelerates without strain. Unlike many Israeli drivers, Bakish doesn’t express rage when a slower car cuts him off. He sees his opportunity and easily passes on the right. It’s


Good Fences Make Good Neighbors… Until That Fence Falls

Recently, in Teaneck, a newly constructed stone wall fell between two properties. The Steins had spent months working with an engineer, a landscaper, and getting permits from the Township, but the wall didn’t last very long due to a defect in some prior workmanship. It bulged and bucked, and was flush against the neighbor’s fence, without causing any


Igbo Jews Of Nigeria Study And Practice Judaism

Many Igbo, while practicing Christianity, nonetheless self-identify as Jews. This phenomenon dates back to the late 18th century, when the Igbo encountered Christianity, were introduced to the Bible, and observed similarities between their native customs and those of the ancient Hebrews.

In his popular 1789 autobiography, first published in London,


Arab Students in Israel are Turning to Yiddish

TEL AVIV--At first glance, Yiddish phrases such as “oy vey” may seem odd when uttered by Samah Jayosi, a Muslim Palestinian citizen of Israel. Yet the headscarf-wearing 24-year-old is one of several dozen Arab students at a major Israeli university learning about the Yiddish language and the culture of Eastern Europe’s Ashkenazi Jews - a rare quest even among

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