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YU Straus Scholar Spotlight: Allie Orgen

Born and raised in Teaneck, Straus Scholar Allie Orgen has always had a keen interest in politics and policy. In high school, she was heavily involved in the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and volunteered for U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-New Jersey). Now at Stern College for Women, Orgen is continuing to make an


Examining Some Volumes of Yad Vashem Studies

Highlighting: “Yad Vashem Studies,” Part I: Vol. 48. 2020. English. ISBN-13: 978-3835339620.

Every volume of Yad Vashem Studies is an invaluable resource. Each one has articles of particular importance to scholars and individuals who have a special interest in the Shoah.


Rutgers Exhibit Explores History of Jewish Farming in NJ and Beyond

When many people think of the waves of Jewish immigrants who came to this country around the turn of the last century, peddlers with pushcarts and shop owners crowded into cities are often pictured. However, many eschewed the congestion of city tenements to become farmers, especially in


Let’s Help Our Children Stay Safe

Unfortunately, it happened again.

A prominent member of the Orthodox community, Chaim Walder, was accused of sexually abusing multiple women, two of them while they were minors.

The story first appeared in Haaretz, which reported that Walder allegedly engaged


$550 Million

$550 million. I was driving in the car when I heard that Bruce Springsteen, known to many as “The Boss,” had sold his record catalog and publishing rights to Sony Music for $550 million. I began to think about what that amount of money is and I could not figure it out. I would get excited if I had a few $100 bills in my wallet.


Halachic Guide to Chinese Food on 12/25: Everything You Need to Know for This Shabbat

Some areas of halacha are more well-known than others. That’s just how it is. There are those topics that rabbanim teach and reteach so you’ll never forget them. For instance, nobody ever gets confused about whether or not an etrog is kosher if the pitom falls off.

Then there are other halachic


The Path Less Traveled

Welcome back to “How Should I Know,” the column in which we attempt to answer people’s questions and hope they don’t take our advice seriously and ruin their lives.

Dear Mordechai,

Why do some people only shovel a six-inch-wide path


Kiddush Kibbitzer

Nearly every kiddush has the quintessential kibbitzer, an uber loquacious people-person who will talk to animate and sometimes even inanimate objects. The “kiddush kibbitzer” usually is personality plus, an unstoppable and indefatigable force who can carry on a riveting conversation with the most unsocial among us. The kiddush kibbitzer


Do You Know Someone Studying In Israel?

It’s that time again! We are looking for current yeshiva and seminary students who are willing to be interviewed via email, phone or WhatsApp for our famous Israel Spotlight column. If you know of someone, please forward their name, name of their yeshiva or seminary, and email address or phone number to


Knock Down! Knock Down! Knock Down!

Dear Shayna B.,

I think it’s really cool that we have the same name. I even have another friend who’s also named Shayna!!!

I got a fish and I named it Sparky. It was very pretty and friendly. One day I woke up and Sparky was floating at the top of the tank. I


Spicy Tofu for Parshat Shemot

In this week’s parsha, Moshe saw Hashem in a burning bush. So for this recipe, we will be doing something that includes FIRE! We’ll be making a delicious homemade stir fry.


  • 1 block extra firm tofu, cut into small

The Iran Nuclear Deal: Biden Administration’s Fatal Mistakes

The Biden administration, in an attempt to revive the nuclear deal, is continuing to forge ahead by negotiating with the government of Ebrahim Raisi (pictured), known—for his crimes against humanity and his involvement in a massacre of nearly 30,000 political prisoners—as the “Butcher of Tehran.” (Photo by Atta Kenare/AFP

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