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Tom Stoppard Reveals His Jewish Self in ‘Leopoldstadt’

“Leopoldstadt” should be required viewing for Kanye West, Kyrie Irving and the woke mobs who had never heard of Kristallnacht and who believe that Jews, throughout the ages, have led charmed, white-privileged lives.

There is no small amount of irony in Tom Stoppard’s


Thank You for Reading This Essay

I have an uncommon interest in the thank you notes my wife and I receive in the mail from bar mitzvah boys, bat mitzvah girls, newly married young couples, and others with whom we’ve celebrated their major milestones.

I marvel at how some are truly stellar yet many seem to be written out of a sense of


Love Letter to Tom at the MVC

After moving to Fair Lawn from New York about a year and a half ago, I had to do all the “responsible grown-up things,” like change my driver’s license, car registration, car insurance, etc. To make it extra difficult, some of my IDs have a middle initial and others do not. To the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC), this is a


Tzivia Wasser: In Israel ‘I Can Be the Best Version of Myself’

Tzivia (Berow) Wasser, 34, made aliyah from Elizabeth, New Jersey to Netanya this past September with her husband Bezalel and children Rivi, 6, and Yitzy, 4. We discussed the impetus of the move and its impact in a wide-ranging conversation.

Aviva: Where did you attend shul, and what schools did


TABC Helps Out At CareOne at Teaneck

Last week, a group of TABC seniors arrived at CareOne at Teaneck and assisted the staff in taking down their large sukkah. The seniors and staff at CareOne were happy to have the boys there, and it was a special event.


Raritan Valley Dollar-a-Day Reaches Milestones, Changes Name

When a new local charity, with no staff, hits the one-and-a-quarter-year mark since its founding, most observers would expect that it’s still getting the word out and slowly building a roster of donors.

The Dollar-a-Day of Raritan Valley, however, is not your average grassroots


Teaneck Runner Completes NY Marathon With Special Motivation

(Courtesy of Chai Lifeline) Among the runners in this year’s NYC Marathon was 36-year-old Chanan Fish from Teaneck, who had a deeply personal motivation to make it across the finish line. Fish ran as a member of Team Lifeline in support of Chai Lifeline, the international organization that works with children in


El Salvador: A Trip Beyond My Comfort Zone

It’s hard not to read “Lech Lecha” as an invitation to Avraham Avinu—and each of us—to go beyond our comfort zones. In this spirit, I’m recapping my recent trip to spend time with the unsung kehillah in El Salvador, and invite you to consider one day putting it on your itinerary, too.


Pesach in Jerusalem: A Pesach Program Above the Rest

Why is this Pesach program different from all other Pesach programs?

For starters, guests will finally have the chance to say, “L’Shana HAZOT B’Yerushalayim,” “THIS year in Jerusalem.”

As the newest


Nalaga’at Center in Israel: A One-of-a-Kind Experience

The Nalaga’at (“Please Touch” in Hebrew) complex, located in the port of Jaffa since 2007, offers visitors an experience unique in many ways. Containing several venues, Nalaga’at is the only cultural and creative center of its kind in the world when it comes to integrating people with hearing and vision


Bay Harbor Suites: Your Next Vacation Destination

As the cold weather starts to set in and you start to think about sunny, relaxing days by the pool, winter vacation and quality time with your family, now is the time to check out Bay Harbor Suites.

Situated in the heart of South Florida, there’s no better


YU Announces $5M Gift to Launch Anita Zucker Program For Jewish Early Childhood Educators

Generous gift from philanthropist Anita Zucker will help incentivize and develop the next generation of educators in this vital field.

(Courtesy of YU) Yeshiva University is proud to announce a $5 million gift from philanthropist Anita Zucker of Charleston, South Carolina, to

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