Tuesday, March 28, 2023


Nishma Completes Profile of US Orthodox Jewish Community

Survey finds high levels of fulfillment, increased mainstreaming of views supporting women’s roles, heightened priority of dealing with those who commit abuse.

(Courtesy of Nishma Research) A new survey from Nishma Research explores beliefs, practices, attitudes and priorities across


I’m a Rebbe, and I Can’t Afford to Be a Jewish Educator

The trauma of teaching is not the classroom or the parents. It’s that with my salary, I can barely pay my bills.

I am a rebbe in a Jewish day school in the tri-state area, and I am blessed to be a teacher for Jewish children. From the top down, the day school’s


Modern Orthodox Marriage Rates Deserve Attention and Community Response

Trying to tackle the issue of shidduchim in the observant Jewish community on a national scale can be very stressful, but also very rewarding if real change occurs.

There was a recent large-scale shidduch study, DAAS, which collected data on over fourteen thousand Orthodox Jewish members, primarily in


Not Your Old-Time Purim Party

This past Saturday night, for more than three hours, I sat in my car parked in front of a nightclub in downtown Manhattan. What brought me there, and what did I learn? Two weeks ago, a parent in our school contacted me, concerned that their child wanted to attend a party in the city that was being marketed to students from yeshiva high


Darkaynu: Marathons, Madrichim and More

The Jerusalem Marathon is taking place March 17 and students from the Elaine and Norm Brodsky Darkaynu Program will be among the thousands of participants running this year.

Darkaynu is not your average Israel gap-year program. Established at the Ohr Torah


Young Israel of Deerfield Beach Returns To Its Festive Annual Dinner

(Courtesy of YIDB) On Sunday, March 26, the Young Israel of Deerfield Beach in sunny Florida held its annual shul dinner honoring its past president, Rabbi Dr. Martin Schloss and his wife Caroline.

After the uncertain years of the pandemic with no live shul dinners, the enthusiasm of


Show Your Love by Creating an Estate Plan

(Courtesy of Haas & Zaltz) Estate Planning offers a practical and easy way to show your loved ones that you care.

Simply put, an Estate Plan serves as a set of instructions regarding how you want your assets to pass, to whom you want them to pass, and when you want them to pass. The


Student’s Specialized Car Seat for Children With Autism Wins ADI’s Annual #Jdaim Design Contest

Posnack school student Naomi Ghitelman crowned grand prize winner of ADI’s Third Annual ‘Make the Change Challenge,’ a stem competition that encourages North American students to consider the needs and experiences of the disability community.

(Courtesy of ADI) In its


What Effect Did Nazi Propaganda Have on the German People?

Part IV

Backlash to Repressive Methods

A Gestapo report about Kiel, a port city on Germany’s Baltic Sea coast, revealed the aversion of the bourgeoisie to attend rallies or even greeting each other with “Heil Hitler.”


Ten for Two

Have you ever heard of the saying, “I live 10 for two?”

Typically, teens say this referring to the 10 months during the school year when they are students and the two months of the year during summer when they get to experience camp. When we hear this saying we tend to think of


The Ahavat Shalom Cholent Cook-Off

On Friday night, Shabbos March 3, my wife Ahuva and I attended Congregation Ahavat Shalom’s annual Cholent Cook-off. Despite the light drizzle, approximately 90 apartment residents (including some with strollers) gathered to enjoy the competition. The event was filled with the tantalizing aroma of simmering cholent, as 10


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