Thursday, October 06, 2022


Steve Marcus Exhibits ‘Top Dog of Kosher Pop Art’ At the Museum at Eldridge Street

Steve Marcus, artist of contemporary ethnic art and pop Judaica, has been creating artwork for popular and unpopular culture for over a quarter of a century. He has a long list of credits, honors and awards, and has developed an international reputation over the last 30 years. And he is also passionate about his


Matan to Celebrate 35 Years With Gala Concert

(Courtesy of Matan) Thirty-five years ago, Matan: the Sadie Rennert Women’s Institute for Torah Studies was created in Jerusalem by Rabbanit MalkeBina, who served as the Institute’s founder and chancellor before becoming president. Step by step over the last three-plus decades, Matan has revolutionized Torah learning


How Technology Affects Our Lives

I think most people would agree that technology is an essential part of modern life. In this century, it is impossible to ignore. Whether we’re at school or work, or even just taking a walk, technology surrounds us. The question is: Do we need it, and how does it affect us? Would we be healthier without it? Would we be safer?


This Year’s 30-Day Elul Challenge

In today’s day and age, it feels like five minutes don’t pass without hearing the familiar ding of a text or the classic iPhone ringtone jingle we’ve all come to know well. Technology is embedded into the way society today runs, with online communication, search engines and mobile tools being essential to the 7.9 billion


Michal Berman: Healing Through Art

According to Israel’s Ministry of Defense, some 5,000 veterans are recognized as living with post-traumatic stress disorder. A host of NGOs and government-funded initiatives have been established to care for Israelis who gave their service to the country and are dealing with emotional trauma. One Israeli immigrant from


The ‘Giveaway for Good’ Raises Charity in a Unique Way

Englewood-based makeup artist Yonina Haber visited Camp HASC this summer for the first time to see her son in action as a camp counselor. She was exceptionally moved by her son’s work and by all of the campers enjoying themselves so thoroughly. As a result, she started to devise a way to give back to HASC,


YTT: A Spectacular Summer Your Teen Will Love

What happens when you have the perfect itinerary for traveling through some of the most beautiful places in the world, led by a dynamic and passionate director, all in a frum environment focused on religious growth?

We found out the answer this past summer when the


I’m on a Roll

While walking to shul with a friend many years ago, I heard what would stick in my mind for all time. It was a “dad joke” of epic proportions. As his father was walking quickly, we began to fall behind. His father turned around and my friend said, “Go ahead, we’ll catch up.” To which his father replied, (are you ready?) “No


What I Did on My Summer Staycation

I hope you all had an amazing summer! Maybe you traveled to beautiful destinations or reunited with friends and family. I enjoyed my summer. In addition to spending quality family time, attending outdoor performances and hiking, I reconnected with some beloved clients and was also privileged to work with new clients. While I value


Amy Bodoff: Aliyah Is a Personal, Unique Experience

Amy Bodoff, 49, made aliyah from Teaneck to Jerusalem in 2017. She happily works at Philip Stein & Associates as a U.S. accountant and lives near one of her best friends from Teaneck.

Aviva: Where did you grow up and go to school?

Amy: I grew up in North


An American Unsung Hero of the Shoah: Stephen Klein

Part X

Dell Topasky and Reed Robinson: US Consuls in Stuttgart

The two consuls loved to embarrass the Vaad and deny their applications. When Rabbi Meyer Gruenwald, assistant head of Agudas Harabbonim and a rabbi in Czechoslovakia


Tips for the Holiday Weight Control Seeker

Dear Jenn,

I spend a great deal of time preparing meals for the Yom Tovim. Once Rosh Hashanah begins, the food fest commences. I enjoy these moments and meals with people I love, but they are fattening and seem never-ending. After the holidays, I’m 10-plus pounds

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