Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Role Models

The recent passing of Rav Chaim Kanievsky, zt”l has rightfully engendered many tributes, and no doubt many more will follow praising his single-mindedness and devotion to Torah study. As I reflect on this loss I realize that there are many special individuals in our own collective orbits who are worthy of emulation. We need not wait for


NCSY South Florida Philanthropist Spearheads Campaign to Send Public School Students to Israel

Fundraising by Mike Leven, other donors, will enable 44 public school teens to experience life-changing trip to Israel this summer.

(Courtesy of NCSY) Four years ago, Mike Leven of Boca Raton had never heard of NCSY or its Israel summer program, the Anne Samson Jerusalem


Maxine Harelick Makes Real Estate Matches

Armed with a JD from NYU Law School, Maxine Harelick was on the fast path to success. Landing her first job at a prestigious New York law firm, she embarked on a career as a corporate attorney and spent the next 25 years in that field.

Along the way she returned to her


NY Lawmakers Pass Largest Budget in State History

Governor Kathy Hochul and state legislative leaders pushed through a $220 billion budget more than one week late and included policy issues in the fiscal plan. The budget is $4 billion more than what the governor proposed earlier this year and $6 billion less than what state lawmakers were requesting in their budget proposals.


Are Passover and Potassium Compatible?

Dear Jenn,

My doctor told me my kidneys are not functioning normally due to my diabetes. I have to lose weight, reduce my blood sugar and control my potassium intake. I’m told potassium is in most Passover foods! If that’s true, what should I do?



I hope that I am not being naïve, but I would like to believe that a meaningful part of the Pesach Seder are the songs we sing. Given my unique day school education, it should come as no surprise that my favorite song is a Yiddish Pesach leed, or song, about the infant Moses, who was carefully and lovingly placed in a waterproof wicker


Rebranding the Shidduch Crisis

Shidduch. Crisis. These two words when put together are incredibly loaded. Let’s take a look at these two words individually.

The word “shidduch” refers to a system for meeting one’s intended. A footnote on the Saw You At Sinai website conveys that shidduch comes from the word for tranquil or


Noam Cohen: Pioneering Whiskey Production in Israel’s Elah Valley

Nine years ago, Bergenfield native Noam Cohen was sitting with his friend Alan Cohl on the balcony of his Efrat home that overlooks the Judean Hills, bonding over a bottle of whiskey. The two men were members of a neighborhood group that convened periodically to schmooze and sample different alcoholic beverages. Cohen and


Walder … Madoff … and Our Loss of Trust

There’s a famous story—whether it’s true or not is unknown, as it has never been authenticated—about an Orthodox Jewish man who was making his way up Route 17 on Friday afternoon to join his family in the Catskills for Shabbat. He saw a man wearing a yarmulke, bending over his car at the side of the road. One of the tires


The Beauty of Pesach

It certainly will be different for me this year. I have not joined the throngs of people rushing to get the best of the best of what is available for Pesach. I laugh as I watch those who could not wait for the Chantilly Cakes to arrive at Costco or those who are desperately looking for Temptee Cream Cheese with a hashgacha for Pesach or


Daf Yomi in Post-War Europe

At the end of World II, the surviving Jews in the American Zone of Occupation “had an almost obsessive will to live normally again, to regain their full rights as free men,” observed sociologist Dr. Leo Srole. He found “their energies and talents have been dramatically exhibited in the vigorous communities they have created in the


Fun Things to Do in New Jersey: Birthday Party at Tac Ops—Tactical Laser Tag

Laser tag is not your typical adult birthday celebratory site nor a sport that most would consider challenging or requiring strategic thinking. In truth, besides Barney Stinson from the hit TV show “How I Met Your Mother,” the majority of adults probably would never go laser tagging unless their children begged them

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