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A Funny Thing Happened at the Airport ...And Its Gone Viral

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It’s not every day that someone hands you $800 in cash at the airport, but that’s exactly what happened.


CUNY Portal Created to Report Antisemitism May Instead Encourage It, Critics Say

The City University of New York (CUNY) has made a virtual portal available for reporting antisemitism and discrimination, but some feel it may actually encourage antisemitism by posting a link to the Jerusalem Declaration of Antisemitism (JDA), which critics say contains misleading and false information about Israel.


NJ-Israel Commission Launches First-Ever Promotional Video

(Courtesy of NJ-Israel Commission) The New Jersey-Israel Commission has launched a first-ever promotional video that is now available on EL AL Airlines. It highlights the special and growing relationship between the State of New Jersey and the State of Israel, while introducing passengers to the Garden State.


Israeli NGO Makes Purim Costume Dreams Come True for Kids With Disabilities Across the Globe

(Courtesy of Beit Issie Shapiro) Just in time for Purim, Israel’s pioneering leader and innovator in the field of disabilities, Beit Issie Shapiro, in partnership with industrial design students from The Holon Institute of Technology, create a first-of-its-kind series of DIY costume video tutorials for Adaptive Costumes,


Touro’s Lander College for Men Alumni Return to Campus to Share Tips for Professional Success

(Courtesy of Touro University) Students at Touro’s Lander College for Men (LCM) had the opportunity to learn firsthand what it takes to succeed in a variety of professions at its week-long Alumni Career Series, held this month. Twenty-seven alumni in 13 different fields presented to a group of 175 students, who gained a true


Queen Esther of the Renaissance

Tiberias is a rather miraculous city on the Sea of Galilee. It is the resting place of the Master of Miracles, Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes, one of the most important sages of the second century C.E. Thanks to another miracle worker, Doña Gracia Mendes, Tiberias became a sanctuary for Jews during the Spanish and Portuguese expulsions and


Did We Learn Anything From the Past Three Years?

It came in with a bang. In The Link office there was a discussion, as one of us had a nephew who was dorming at YU. He needed a place to go since the dorm was closing and asked his aunt if he could move into her house. A classmate was the son of one of the first known people in our area to become deathly ill with the coronavirus. His aunt


Classified? No, But Interesting Material Nonetheless

There has been a lot of discussion in the press recently about classified documents turning up in the private homes of several political leaders—in their garages … in their basements … and in other odd places.

Not to excuse this behavior, as classified documents deserve to be treated with the


Genova Burns Names Avi D. Kelin, Esq. and Lauren W. Gershuny, Esq. as New Partners

(Courtesy of Genova Burns LLC) Genova Burns LLC, the Newark-based law firm, is pleased to announce promotions effective February 1 st. Avi D. Kelin and Lauren W. Gershuny have assumed the roles and responsibilities as partner, as well as a group of other deserving attorneys. Kelin and Gershuny have a long tenure


Chemist Turns Injections Into Oral Meds and Skin Gels

Prof. Nissim Garti’s liquid nano vehicles deliver oral or topical formulations of drugs usually delivered only by needle.

Orly Shani, 68, has adult polyglucosan body disease (APBD) — a rare genetic neurodegenerative disease affecting muscles from the hips downward.


Akiva Mensh Offers Handyman and Sealcoating Services

If you were to ask a group of teenagers what fields they hope to work in, you’ll get many different answers. Some will say they hope to be a doctor, a lawyer, maybe even an influencer. These answers typically change over the years, but for 15-year-old Akiva Mensh, his answer has always been the same: He wants to


Gil Dersovitz: ‘Israel Is Organically and Spiritually a Part of Me’

Gil Dersovitz, 51, made aliyah with his wife Oksana and his children Eli, 17, and Zevi, 11, from Highland Park via Staten Island in 2021. Their oldest son Reuven, 19, came for his year in Israel to Orayta and is now in college. The family resides in Rehovot.

Aviva: Where did your family daven in

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