Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Hike the Backslope Trail at Campgaw Mountain Reservation

This 3.5-mile hike climbs on a moderate grade to the top of Campgaw Mountain, which offers a sweeping view of Bergen County and the hills of Harriman State Park. It then descends the little-used backslope of the mountain to reach two historic stone cisterns before climbing back to the


My Neighbor Is Overly Friendly to My Wife

Dear Dr. Chani,

My wife and I have an excellent relationship filled with love, admiration and mutual respect. We have been married for over five years and are blessed with two amazing children. Generally, we are very good communicators and do not shy away from things that are bothering us. The issue I


Sam Weinstein: Living in Israel Is a ‘Significant Improvement’

Sam Weinstein, 29, made aliyah from the Upper West Side of Manhattan with his wife, Stephanie, and baby daughter, Becca, to Tel Aviv in December of 2019.

Aviva: You grew up in Teaneck. Where did you go to school?

Sam: RYNJ for elementary school and MTA for


The Bothersome Biceps: A Common Source Of Shoulder Pain

When people think they may have injured their shoulder, they often assume the rotator cuff may be the culprit. Most folks over age 50 know someone who has had rotator cuff repair surgery, as it is a relatively common procedure in the United States. A lesser-known source of shoulder pain is that which comes from an inflamed


Come and Eat

Welcome back to “How Should I Know?”—the only column where you can send any question about Pesach and know with absolute certainty that you’ll probably have to send it somewhere else too. I hope you made copies.

Dear Mordechai,

My family and I were


Jewish Link Memes of the Week

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Strength, Weakness or Both?

Kira was a 16 year-old girl who had been studying judo since she was 7 years old. She was all set to try out for the United States Olympic team, and her teacher (or “sensei”) had high hopes for her. In the year before the official tryouts, Kira’s parents decided to homeschool her to give as much time as possible to train. Kira, her


Try Trying

Dear Shayna,

I keep losing at basketball and can’t get better no matter how many times I try. What should I do to improve? Should I just give up?

Please help,

Basketball Ben

Dear Basketball


Don’t Reward Palestinians for a New Wave of Terror

The Biden administration tried to sabotage an Israeli-Arab summit by raising the Palestinian issue.
It shouldn’t use terrorism as an excuse to resurrect the failed policies of the past.

After a week of terror attacks that took the lives of 11 people, Israelis


Minister Kahana, We American Orthodox Rabbis Can’t Support Your Reform

Decentralizing the authority for conversion to local rabbinic courts means potentially contradictory standards that we in the US are glad to be rid of.

This week, as leaders of America’s largest Orthodox and Zionist organizations, we met with Israel’s minister of religious affairs, Matan Kahana, to


The Power of Shame

On December 20, 2013, a young woman named Justine Sacco was waiting in Heathrow airport before boarding a flight to Africa. To while away the time, she sent a tweet in questionable taste about the hazards of catching AIDS. There was no immediate response, and she boarded the plane unaware of the storm that was about to break.


Gam Zu L’Tova in Action

Gam Zu L’Tova—This Is Also For the Good

It is a very well-known story, but we believe it is often misunderstood. Ta’anit 21a relates (William Davidson translation of the Talmud):

And why did they call him Nachum of Gam Zu? The reason is

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