Saturday, March 25, 2023


Four-Letter Words

Hate. This four-letter word—often underestimated—is arguably much more dangerous than any curse word our children can learn. We are not born with hate in our hearts. It is something that is taught, something that is passed down to our children. Often it is done innocuously, like when we say, “I hate this song” or “I hate


We’ll Wait Until We Retire

I have spoken to thousands of people about making aliyah and have received some very interesting reasons why—even though they would love to make aliyah—they have decided not to. I must state that my focus and direction on speaking to my brothers and sisters about this life-changing move is different from almost everyone else. I do not


Revolutionizing Golf: Our Visit to Topgolf Edison

Searching for a new way to enhance your golf experience? Well, look no further! Topgolf in Edison, New Jersey offers a premier golfing venue with a modernized, high-tech way to play the classic sport. Recently, my friends Ami and Yaron, and my brother Gabe and I, visited Topgolf, where we had a


Should Day Schools Stop Grading Judaic Studies?

This winter break, my kids came back from college, and one night some of their friends stopped by to visit. We started talking and one of them mentioned to me that he had a solution for the dwindling numbers facing Modern Orthodoxy. Now, this I had to hear. Like a double agent, I get my best information from my children’s friends (and


Hike to Green Pond and the Boston Mine in Harriman State Park

This moderate-to-strenuous 4.5-mile hike in Harriman State Park goes by Green Pond, one of the few pristine lakes in the park, and reaches the Boston Mine, a 19th-century iron mine carved into the hillside. The hike, which should take about two and a half hours, is not exceptionally


When Dating Break-Ups Are Start-Ups

Dear Dr. Chani,

I have been dating for about four years and I noticed that I have a strange pattern. It just happened again with a guy I had been dating for a month. Let’s call him Danny. During the time that we were dating, I felt nothing for him. We had pleasant dates with fine conversations, but


Jewish Link Memes Of The Week

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Removing the Guard

In chess, “removing the guard” is a tactic in which you capture or forcibly move a defensive piece from your opponent’s position, leaving one of their pieces undefended and capturable. The idea is demonstrated in the basic position displayed in Figure 1, where material is equal and both sides of the


A Humbling Lesson

Pesach had finally come to the Moon. That’s right, Extravagant Caterers was hosting the first-ever Five Star, Glatt Kosher, Heimish, Mehadrin Min HaMehadrin Min HaMehadrin Pesach Program on the Levana! As expected, the program sold out in record time and even drew a waiting list of 200 families. Of course, Pesach On The Moon advertised


Parshat Tetzaveh

Hi! Last week’s cufflinks were the tightly-woven blue wool knots, which covered a whole bunch of the Mishkan’s donations. I’m impressed that so many of you nailed that with ease, and they weren’t even really cufflinks. Y’all got your thinking caps on!

Now let’s play more Cufflinkle!


Jellyfish, Sharks … Oh How I ‘Love’ Swimming in the Ocean

 Dear Shayna B.,

I have a big problem. I am going on a beautiful beach vacation this summer. I am so excited about the sun and sand, but mostly the ocean. My problem is that I have heard horror stories about jellyfish and it is ruining my vision of the perfect vacation. Please help


Moriah School Holds Chumash/Rashi Event

The Moriah School third graders held a Chumash and Rashi memorial event in memory of Mr. Grimmer. Ruby Kaplan is pictured with her granddaughter Livia Seligsohn.

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