Monday, March 27, 2023


Moriah School Holds Chumash/Rashi Event

The Moriah School third graders held a Chumash and Rashi memorial event in memory of Mr. Grimmer. Ruby Kaplan is pictured with her granddaughter Livia Seligsohn.


Jewish Link Monthly Kids ART Contest

Congratulations to our winners!

Hannah, Lielle and Ethan, email [email protected]to claim your Chickies gift card!

Thank you to everyone who


Incredible Story and Connection at the Airport Goes Viral

Editor’s note: As of this writing, a post containing this story has received thousands of views, likes, and shares on LinkedIn and other platforms.  



It’s not every day that someone hands you $800 in cash at the airport, but that’s exactly what happened.


Waiting for my flight to


‘Don’t Say Oof, Just Say Kuf’

W. Orange's Dr. Joe Rozehzadeh urges community to recite Tehillim Perek Kuf (100).

The entire Jewish world has been grieving together with Jerusalem’s Paley family, whose sons, Yaakov Israel, 6, and Asher Menachem, 8, were murdered in a car ramming attack in their


Iran Should Be Made To Pay the Price

Though broadcasting weakness, Tehran’s attack on an Israeli-linked vessel was a severe act of terrorism, undermining global freedom of navigation in a strategically vital region.

The world really must respond forcefully to the recent Iranian attack on an Israel-linked oil


The Resurgence of Palestinian Teen Terrorism

While the Palestinians blame Israel for the phenomenon, its actual cause is rampant incitement.

The participation of Palestinian teens in acts of terrorism against Israel is not new. Palestinian terror organizations were training children as early as 1970. More recently, the


The Labor of Gratitude

There is an important principle in Judaism, a source of hope, and also one of the structuring principles of the Torah. It is the principle that God creates the cure before the disease (Megillah 13b). Bad things may happen but God has already given us the remedy if we know where to look for it.


The Small and Great Halachic Issues Alike

Why does the halacha devote so much attention to the “small” issues? It is understandable to focus much energy on resolving matters of life and death, such as triage priorities and programming self-driving cars to kill one person instead of five. However, why do poskim spend so much time discussing questions such as the proper bracha on


Visiting, and Hosting, Hashem

  Editor’s note: This series is reprinted with permission from “Insights & Attitudes: Torah Essays on Fundamental Halachic and Hashkafic Issues,” a publication of TorahWeb.org. The book contains multiple articles, organized by parsha, by Rabbi Hershel Schachter and Rabbi Mayer


In Out-of-Season

The wisest of men declared that there is a time and place for everything under the heavens. Therefore, there’s a certain thrill we enjoy when we feel like we “beat the system” by enjoying something out of its time/season.

Some people are willing to pay to enjoy a fruit that was shipped from an area


Conditional Presence

 Parshat Terumah

In this week’s parsha of Terumah, we are introduced to the world of ritual service with the mitzvah of constructing a Mishkan as a center for the worship of Hashem. This theme is the focus of our parasha—as well as the parshiyot of Tetzaveh, part of Ki Tissa and all of both


Purchasing Tax Liens

Question: May a Jew purchase a tax lien when the tax delinquent is Jewish, or is that taking ribbit?

Background: In about half of the United States, tax authorities auction off tax liens (unpaid taxes create liens on taxpayers’ property) to the public. After purchasing the tax lien

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